Thursday, April 30, 2009

Forth I Wander, Forth I Must

Shamelessy I do pinch a poem, today posted by Michael Gilleland, the master of Laudator Temporis Actis - the only blogger who I did not ask whether he'd mind to become one of my Seldom borings, as somehow I did not find a way to contact and ask him 'my question of courtesy'. :)

I hope Mr. Gilleland, whose blog to visit I do wholeheartedly commend, will quit my shamelessness with a lenient smile, in case he becomes aware of it.

And here is the very poem of A.E Housman, More Poems, IX:
When green buds hang in the elm like dust
And sprinkle the lime like rain,
Forth I wander, forth I must,
And drink of life again.
Forth I must by hedgerow bowers
To look at the leaves uncurled,
And stand in the fields where cuckoo-flowers
Are lying about the world.


  1. Both the poem you "pinched" and the way you handled the original blogger was so lovely. (as always!!!) I can not imagine anyone getting remotely upset at what you have done... you have a lovely way of approaching people which is utterly sweet and kind.... :)

    Happy May Day!

  2. Michael Gilleland (a bibliomaniac) has a fascinating blog. My only problem, at times, is that I would wish to ask a question, or two. As Sean says, alas! he is inaccessible. It was very interesting to read (with the poem) about phenology, a subject I didn't know at all.

    I also thoroughly enjoyed, a few months ago, reading one of Mr.Gilleland's old post on "Barbarians and Beards". It taught me not to criticise my son who was sporting a full beard at that time.

    Nevin - You also have a lovely way to approach people. My son noticed it when he wrote a comment for me on your blog, when I couldn't reach a computer. Thank you on his behalf, and mine.

  3. Nevin,
    one day when the tall strong men will be entering Seanhenge in order to carefully bring this poor little man who's obviously suffering from megalomania to the loony bin, it will the result of comments such as yours. :)

    Can't deny, though, that reading such a nice compliment is balsam for my heart. Teşekkür ederım. :)

    his blog is a terrific treasure trove, isn't it. It would be surely worth to read it from the very first post onwards.

  4. This is a wonderful piece. A E Housman is a poet I have read often.

  5. Janice,
    Housman is, for a change, a poet I have to discover. Only remember that once in the past millennium I read some of his poems; now I am looking forward to catch up - if I don't forget about, that is. :)