Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The spirit that always says Yes

Last week I tried to convince the spirit that would always negate to once do the weeding for me, filling the trailer with the branches and carry the whole lot up the hill to the Easter Fire, then bring the compost from the pile to the field and do the ploughing, but ... he shook his head; which are but some of the reasons why I would have been extremely busy with not blogging for a couple of days.

Oh well, and I fell in love.

Ah, what a beauty! A Royal Highness. A real Queen who graciously accepted my humble offer and moved in one of the luxury hotels I had built for her a week earlier - a hole in the ground, filled with pebbles and glass-wool and covered with an everted flowerpot -: a humble (sic) bee.

The other morning the Lady spake to me: "And what's about the nectarious life you promised me and my people, Sir Sean?"
"Give me a minute, darling", I said. And, blushing, I raised my arms and demanded: "Now, be it spring!"

And since there's a humming and buzzing, a droning and whirring in and around Seanhenge, and a blaze of colours that would fill anyone who
has ears to hear, eyes to see and a nose to smell, with joy and happiness.

Would you agree?

Spring in Seanhenge


Forsythia and wild red currant

Morello cherry



  1. I needed beauty...Merci for preparing your land, for pleasing your Queen and calling for spring---and for bringing it to my home with your magical words and flowering trees.

  2. How lovely for you. It looks beautiful. While we should also be glorying in Spring we are still suffering from the cold weather.

    After the winter we had, we deserve an early Spring, not a late one.

  3. Marvellous. Her honey-loving Highness was surely impressed, and spared your head.

  4. So beautiful Sean. THe not-wife has been telling me what's out in teh garden. I missed the honey scented Mahonia and the camellias covered in bloom.. Dammit!

  5. Stunning pictures, Sean! Truly, Seanhenge must be a magical place... (There's a true sign of spring in the sand dunes at our nearby beach; a multitude of snails are beginning to emerge from their winter slumbers to feast on ... well, whatever it is snails feast on.)

  6. 'whatever it is snails feast on'Lions!

  7. How beautiful, no wonder her Royal Highness dropped by :-)

  8. Wonderful pictures that almost makes me believe that spring is in the air. Unfortunately for those of us who live New York, spring has nowhere to be seen. It's cold and wet... :( But looking at your beautiful and up lifting pictures, I think it's almost right around the corner...

  9. Always at your service, Claude. :)
    Glad you enjoyed what you saw.

    to witness nature exploding almost within 24 hours was stunning.

    as far as I know my magic power is limited to Seanhenge.
    But for you tonight I shall call for spring in Vancouver. :)

    not only did she spare my head, but also the delicious ananas-torte I enjoyed in the afternoon.

    you could not even hobble into the garden to sit in the sun and enjoy your flowers? High time to get rid of that damn cast.
    Get well soon, my friend.

    it's all a matter of perspective In so far the photos are stunning, indeed: Nothing to see of the chaotic idyll which is Seanhenge.
    Perhaps, this is an essential part of the magic, though?
    Anyway, whenever you are in need of a snail-free shelter: Here you find it, here you can be. And, of course, you are welcome.

    ach, if only I had the magic power to create a certain space ... :)

    why running when there's a wormhole nearby? :)

    as there are no longer beekeepers in our neighbourhood there have been less bees and humble-bees around in the past years. And last year I had built the 'hotels' obviously too late and at the 'wrong' places. That's why I was delighted when Queen Humble-Bee chose Seanhenge as her headquarter.

    shall I really try the same for New York what I am going to do for Vancouver? Wooaaah, what a challenge. But I'll do my very best.
    Just be so kind and let me know as soon as it works. :)

  10. Please send the lady this way, she seems to have missed the UK (or at least Yorkshire)

  11. I'm dreadfully envious of all that colour and aroma Sean - how beautiful! Your Queen must be in seventh heaven :)

  12. Not a problem, Sean. My comic timing was never a strong point, and it seems my comic spacing is even worse. Now, where's that wormhole...

  13. Nevin,
    can you see me all the time checking my spell-book. :)

    unless I confuse York and New York, the Lady should soon arrive. :)

    Lady Janice,
    it seems, the very Queen is indeed content with her accomodation and the surroundings.
    Obviously she recommended Seanhenge, as yesterday (Friday) I could welcome two more Royal Highnesses. :)

    I should really not have spilled the beans. My friend Tetrapilotomos will not be amused that I divulged one of his most exciting projects.