Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Rich Poetry at The Poor Mouth's

Who would not feel a great desire
to celebrate McGonagall & McIntyre?
There's a poetry slam right over here,
it's great fun though without beer.

So hurry soon over to Jams, please.
The winner might win a ton of cheese,
or even unlike Gordon Brown
get a statue in Edinburgh Town.

Bertus, et tu? :)


  1. Jams,
    it nice to put on one sillyness hat, now and then, isn't it?
    I suggest we leave the bazaar open; there are certainly some talents slumbering.

  2. Hard to compete with McSeanagal. But a bit easier now that I can put a French word, here and there!
    Didn't know you had it in you, Jams. I'm so impressed...And I don't mind, Sean, running to Google for German. Great fun! Thanks!

  3. I'd prefer it with a beer,
    To be honest and sincere.
    And it's even better with jenever
    for this wretched non believer.


  4. Everybody was a poet
    I didn't even know it....!

    OK, OK that was a bit infantile I know, but couldn't help it.... for give me Sean.... I am just in a giddy mode tonight... :)

  5. Sean,
    Bertus, et toi?.)
    Sean, quod vos!.)

  6. I could think of something nice to say,
    Or consider compliment to pay,
    But since I don't have much time,
    I'll settle simply for a ryhme.

  7. Claudia,
    do you call this rhyming?
    If you could see my miming.:)

    my last jenever
    I had in Jever
    It helps with rhyming -
    a matter of timing.

    seldom I would read
    two-liners so neat. :)

    did I mix up Bertus with Brute?
    Now, that would have been cute. :)

    And here to prove
    - it is no fake -
    that I am quick,
    with thanks to Craic
    a Limerick:

    There does live a man in Lyon,
    whose rhymes I do find très bon!
    On the ladder to fame
    C'est La Craic is his name.

    Et il est très con!


    You feel the groove?

  8. It's such a great honour
    To read men of valour.

  9. But in Jever - unlike over here -
    it is better to drink beer!


  10. But beer doesn't rime with Jever
    that's why I thought I were clever.


  11. But maybe it's also exquisitely clever
    To say not:"jenever in Jever, never no never!"
    Jenever in Jever may taste rarely good
    And probably delicious as it should,
    While beer in Jever is common for ever.


  12. @ Hans, Sean,

    Et tu in French may sound dry as starch.
    But truely, i was born on the Ides of March!
    It's true in both Latin and Dutch,
    But in French apparently not very much.


  13. More wonders Sean. Sadly I'm rhymed out for the moment!

  14. Without rhyme or reason
    you jump from beer to beer.
    But in this new season,
    this special blogging year,
    it's with wine that we toast
    The Poor Mouth inspired host.

    Let's also toast Seanland
    As green as dear Ireland.

    À la votre! Sláinte!

  15. Claudia, what great rhyming
    With so much emotional climbing

    I do not think I am in luck
    because I find myself stuck

  16. Nevin - You've done quite well. As for me, French wine helps! :)

  17. As I am 'bloody' tired, to all:

    Dear poets,
    late's my response, and I hope you'll forgive it's in prose. :)

    This was a great fun. Thank you!!
    From (up til now) 63 comments at Jams' almost all are awful :) good, and some just brilliant.
    Personally, I enjoyed especially some of those directly answering the beforegoing. Priceless!

    Thank you very much.
    And as written above: We should leave the bazaar opened - just in case we - or talents not yet discovered - feel fancy for putting on our (their) 'McGonagall hat'. :)

    A beautiful Sunday to you all; may it be poetic or prosaic.