Friday, January 15, 2010

Hey, Mrs. Robinson

Ha ha ha ha ha ...


  1. A man called Robinson really should think twice about getting married without changing his name, even if his good lady does claim to be a devout Christian... and not just a Christian, but a Protestant Northern Ireland Christian... and they claim you can't get any more Christian than that. Well, in their own little circle they do, but not in Rome, apparently. Ah well... It's an ethical system that is all too complicated for a simple fool like me to understand, but which sounds like more fun than I had realised.

  2. Mrs Robinson... Hahahahaha! That's Iris done. For peter:

    Cu-Ckold, Cu-Ckold (to the sound of a cuckoo)

  3. I miss that one entirely...You put so many Ha ha at the bottom last night, I thought I must be dense. You reduced them to 5 this morning. I guess it's more funny at night? Anyhow I give up. I don't even understand Jams and Andrew's comments. And reading how the song came into being is even more confusing. Is it a double entendre, Sean? Never could understand funny stories in English. Never could repeat them with effect. Well, who is perfect?

    Not Mrs.Robinson, apparently. I'll say a prayer....

  4. A Google search for "Iris Robinson's 19 year old lover" might explain somewhat, Claudia, should you be so inclined. It is a big news story over here. A scandal with sex, money and supposedly devout religion all in the mix. What more could the newspapers want? Sean was exploiting the coincidence of her name with that of Mrs Robinson of "The Graduate" film fame, in which the song was used. Too much explanation already?

  5. Thank you, Andrew.

    What an incredibly sad story. Older women and younger lovers. I fail to see the humour! No "Ha ha ha" from me. Should politicians be immune?

    I read that the husband (in a press conference) revealed the details to the vulture journalists who wrote, "an unprecedented display for a man known for an icy demeanor." That's the nub of the story. The poor 60-year-old woman (very pretty) who is down on her knees, apologising to the whole world.
    "Stop stoning me.I had a fling!" I would say with a big smile. "It's not Jesus' fault. Jesus is not a Catholic. He is not a Protestant. And He will forgive me. Even if you don't! You're all a bunch of sinners too."

    Wrong! Wrong! Wrong! Claudia. Unbelievers never sin. They don't have affairs. They're not "icy" with their wives. And their wives never wish for younger, more ardent lovers.

    Oh! my God...This self-righteous world make me puke!!!

  6. Well Claudia, this "poor woman" has a history of being completely unforgiving of other supposed "sinners", bashing her bible while mouthing about the "sins" of others while all the time engaging in several such sins (not just the one) for herself. That is the biggest hypocritical self-righteousness really.

  7. I know little of the story. Except what's happening now. It's really not important enough for me to dig in. I just don't care about other people's sins. And adultery is not very funny, although it's often easy to explain. I dislike the word christian. It has nothing at all to do with the God that I know. And, in my long life, I never yet met a person without flaws (including myself.) If it's not that particular fault, it's another. Which is why I wouldn't stone anyone, even if that person has stoned others.


  8. If there's one thing I want to clarify is that I'm not implying here that I am "better then thou". I simply dislike intensily the gossips which surround public people's misbehaviour. It was always there. It will always be. I feel incredibly sorry for the children involved. And for me, the less said, and the less I know, the better.

    Peace to all.:)

  9. While I always get a chuckle from seeing those who, like Iris Robinson, force their morality down other people's throats having their own dirty laundry aired in public, I think that the sex issue is distracting people from the real issue here: money (as it always is with greedy politicians). Besides, what's going on in Sinn Fein, with Gerry Adams and his brother, is something I find much more disturbing... (I recommend Splintered Sunrise for commentary on the North of Ireland, and much more on these stories; he's an excellent political observer and a very good writer to boot)

  10. Sean - Cannot get the article. I'm never very good with all those letters. But I'm sure you're right. If I had known it was more a political matter than a sexual one, I would have kept my mouth shut. As for hypocrisy in that world, what else is new? Peace...of the night, and the morning. Sorry for all the comments.:)

  11. Andrew, Jams,
    I'll (hopefully) soon come back to you. Allow me first, though, to address Claudia:
    This is not about a woman having a lover.
    It's about fucking (sic!) hypocrisy.
    "but this article“, and then (let's) go on talking.
    It's, by the way, interesting how much you are able to find within a tiny Ha ha ha ha ha ...
    Oh, and I did not change anything in the morning. My long laughter you heard on someone else's blog. :)

    thanks for the tip! I'll soon drop over.
    Re the Adams brothers, SF etc.: That's certainly as interesting.

    Later more.

  12. :)
    you were a minute too fast. Now the link should work.
    You know you are welcome, hm?
    Actually, I am thankful for the adrenaline rush you gave me. Far too calm and relaxed I had become. :)

  13. Just read the article. Thanks, Sean. Sometimes your posts (for someone living across the sea) are very mysterious. From now on, unless you explain photos and videos, I will not comment and jump to conclusions. My apologies. :)

  14. Are you sure you didn't erase a few "Ha ha ha" in the morning? I read the post just before going asleep. And I heard you laughing all night long. I even said, in my dream, "For gosh sakes, Omnium,stop it. It's not that funny!"

  15. Claudia,
    so let me answer your ( not necessary) apology with an apology. :)
    Of course I could (and perhaps) should have set some links and written some introductory lines, but then I thought less might be more to enjoy those who'd know what I am refering to.

    So it was you I heard last night asking me to stop laughing.
    Yes. I am sure I did not erase any ha ha ha. :)

  16. Actually, it was subtle and funny. But it's always hard to see people laugh and not understanding why. I felt stupid. The set of circumstances between the song (written years before) and today's happening is uncanny. May I still say "the poor woman"? Caught in her own trap, and forever immortalised in a fiction-fact story.

    My voice carried that far, Sean? My children used to tell me, "Stop shouting!" even after they moved out miles away.

  17. Claudia,
    ... well, of course you may call her a poor woman. A pure idiot certainly ought to be considered poor.
    I wonder, though, what the people of Haiti are compared to poor Mrs. Robinson. A bit poorer, perhaps?

  18. Of course, we don't choose our misfortunes, but the poverty of spirit, for me, is the greatest one. I didn't say the "poor woman" out of pity, but with the perception that her life must be incredibly arid and sterile. Her tragedy cannot be compared with what's happening in Haiti. She had nothing to lose that was worth having. And she created her own destruction.

    Thanks for your attention, Sean.:)