Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Hiatus interruptus II

Ladies and gentlemen,
Bayanlar, Baylar,
Signoras e Signori,
Señoras y Señores,
Mesdames et Messieurs,


worrying what might be the long-term consequences of such a hiatus, I thought it's better to decide in favour of a hiatus interruptus.

May either those forgive me who would have loved this hiatus to never end, and consequently feel deeply dissatified, and those who felt ... well, let's say irritated. :)

I was irritated, myself, as I did not intend to have a break. It just happened, or rather I let it happen. Even more strange: I did not miss blogging (very much).
Why? Don't know. Summing up all possible reasons would probably take too long, and boring you is one of the last things I wish to do.

- - -

Reading the lines above some readers might have thought they had déjà vu.


Well ... yes ... I just copied and pasted most of what I wrote after
one of my former hiati.

And now, may this beginning, again, bear a special magic. :)


  1. Glad to see you back, Sean! It's good to take breaks from blogging, I think. Whether planned or not, they can be very enjoyable.

    And I hope that, in marks out of 10, your hiatus a high 8 is. (Or 'was', but that spoils the pun.)

  2. On the last occasion you wrote this very same post, Curieuse au Canada visited for the first time. She dared to correct your French, and her friend, Simplissima, was also a tad rude. Nevertheless you were charming, and it was a delightful encounter.

    Maybe Herman Hesse always walked alone in a fog. But it's possible, if one wishes, to cross a foggy road, and walk besides a friend for a few minutes.

    That's why I'm very happy that (after a good rest, I hope) you interrupted your third hiatus, and that I will again enjoy your company in your always fascinating posts (whether serious, or humourous).

    Celebrating your return with a toast to your good health, and your renewed spirit. Cheers!:)

  3. Stan,
    thank you, my dear friend!
    Yes! Breaks - of whatever kind - can be enjoyable. And certainly I enjoyed what I did.
    At the same time I did not enjoy what I did not. :)
    There's so much I think I could write about without boring at least some of my readers

    Curieuse au Canada,
    undoubtedly, time flies. :)

    Now am I not able to say that my spirit's renewed, however I think they are. :)

    As for Hermann Hesse. All my fog ... err ... fault. It were his 'Steps' I intedned to link to :)

    Hm ... and many thanks for your kind words.

  4. Blogus Interuptus is a very common complaint. Don't worry about it ;-)

  5. Ha ha, CherryPie,
    any interruptus is not what is generally called satisfying, though, would you agree. :)

  6. Yes! Steps from Hermann Hesse (Jan.05-08) fits your return much better than In the Fog.

    The call of life to us forever flowers...

    Dear Hesse! He knew better than to remain very long in the fog...

  7. I was beginning to wonder if a sudden blizzard had encased you in ice, and we'd have to wait for spring and the thaw for Omnium to return. Thankfully, this is not the case. Hurrah!

  8. Claude,
    are there any Hesse's one one of your book shelves?

    :) no blizzard, but lots of shovelling snow. Not so much that I had anexcuse for replying such late, though. Sorry.

    There's always something to improve. :)

  9. Don't understand your question. I'm not very good at subtle hints!

  10. Subtle? :)
    In other words then: Did you read any of Hesse's work?

  11. Because of his friendship with Romain Rolland, I read 4 or 5 of his books, in French, in my late twenties. Never his poetry, except here. He wasn't the most sociable person, but he married 3 times, and quite fast after divorcing. That's what I meant about him not staying alone very long. I also know he was criticized for not protesting Nazism very loud. He wasn't racist. I remember vaguely that one of his wives was Jewish.

    In the memory of my youth, Siddharta was my favourite book. Maybe it would change today.