Friday, January 15, 2010

Another hypocritical idiot

From Mrs. Robinson to Pat Robertson. What an utter stupid scum. May all his teeth fall out, except of one ... for permanent toothache!

Oh, and what do you think when watching the lady's mimic?


  1. What a stupid bastard. He doesn't know jack shit about history either.He quotes the wrong bloody Napoleon too

    Apologies for the expletives

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  3. If you could extract energy from stupidity, Pat Robinson could power all of London with this quote alone.

  4. Napoleon the Third or whatever.....
    He probably doesn't grasp that in his view the Americans would always have helped the devil more than a bit in Haiti?
    If he were a Muslim half the world would be shocked again.
    And that presenter.... She even seems to be more stupid just by saying nothing.


  5. Pat Robertson is a mental case, a psychologically sick old man. He thrives on publicity. The more you spread his message, the more you play his game.

    CBN is Christian Broadcasting News, part of the 700 Club. Do you think this young employee is allowed an independant mind?

    Was there such an outcry when Robertson said that USA got 9/11 because of American gays and abortions? I'm just curious. I didn't have the internet then.

  6. The only time I wish I had a blog is that I would want to show that there are decent people in this world who believe in God, and are not idiots and hypocritical. They don't seek publicity. They help others quietly and efficiently. They respect the unbelievers. And they don't thump the Bible at everyone. It's too bad if you never meet one of them.:)

  7. You SHOULD have that blog Claudia. You could start off by discussing what you actually mean by "God". So many different people use these 3 letters to mean different things; and it seems to me lots of them use it without actually bothering to challenge themselves much by wondering what it means, either to themselves or to others.

  8. Andrew - I understand what you're saying.:) I have the same problem that you have with people using those 3 letters to gain power, to do evil, or to complain about the sad state of the world. I'll let you know if I ever start a blog. Somehow I doubt that anyone would pay much attention to my words.

    Sean - Thank you for your hospitality.:) It has been unfair of me to mention my faith on an agnostic's blog. I've been doing it only when evil people have been associated with God. I'll refrain from commenting on those posts from now on.

  9. Pat Robertson and his ilk were born idiots and have been losing ground ever since.

  10. I think Claudia is right in that we probably shouldn't give Robertson too much attention.

    It is the same as with Geert Wilders in my country: he thrives on publicity, he is hyped by the press and in the mean time everybody fears his reaction. An unhealthy situation...


  11. Jams,
    there's nothing to apologise for.
    Aren't expletives but syllables, words, or phrases inserted to fill a vacancy [...]?

    hot air, hm?

    "True story." Ha ha ha
    Actually, I found/find watching the lady more interesting than listening to the old hypocrite. Certainly a pearl of journalism.

    to answer your question first: Search the idiot's name and 9/11, Katrina.

    Would it come as a great surprise if I told that this agnostic knows quite a few decent people who believe in this and that? You are right, though. We would not talk about religion. :)

    Just to make sure: Evil people would but claim to be associated with a superior power.

    Re your first statement: I see your point. One ought always weigh up if its wise to give certain people a platform.
    Now does Mr Robinson - as to be seen above - have a platform where he can babble undisputed.
    The platform he is given here is certainly none the hypocritical idiot appreciates, would you agree? :)

    welcome to Omnium.
    I wish you were right, and they were, indeed, losing ground.

    like with Claudia, I do see your point the more when thinking of how unfortunately not just a few publishers and their employees define journalism.
    The more important is for those who do (still) know the codex of journalism and agree with it to challenge certain individuals and groups ... without fear!

  12. @Sean,
    I linked the post to Internations, without your permission. Guess what happened?
    Omnion: Another Hypocritical idiot.)
    Hope you are not going to hack our site...otherwise DR. Faust will be mad.))

  13. Hans - I'm laughing my heart out here. I needed that....I hope you're forgiven.:))))

    Sean - Sorry! but this is really funny...:)))

  14. @Claudia: I don't think Sean is that sensitive.)) I didnt do it intentionally..)))!
    I often link articles of a great Iranian-Canadian philosopher on Internations, and the person likes Sean is among some good peole now..)))

  15. Dear Hans - Personally, I would love, at anytime, to be associated with Internations. But, in this instance, your heading just tickled my funny bone. Nevertheless, I'm sure your readers will profit from Omnium' excellent post.:))

  16. Ha ha ha ha, Hans,
    not only that you made Claudia happy; I might put this title on the sidebar, so that readers who - by accident :) - happen to stumble upon this blog will come to know how much Omnium is appreciated - internationally. :)


  17. Sean, be aware that Dr. Faust is now reading you because of that link (which still show the words: Bick Bastards below these messages..))))

  18. Sean, be aware that Dr. Faust is now reading you because of that link (which still show the words: Bick Bastards below these messages..))))