Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Winter in Seanhenge

Different a view from sping, summer and autumn, hm?

One of our five rain barrels (water butts).

Blackbird through the window of the green house; ...

... and waiting for me to leave after re-filling fodder.

Snow relaxing (on chair).

Remember the roses of Seanhenge?


Blackbird entering restaurant.

Hedgehog's hotel.

Seanhenge at night.


  1. Nice of you to follow the blackbird all the way to the restaurant, where I'm sure it was indulgently received. It's a marvellous set of photos, and an eye-opening mass of snow. Your shovel must have seen a lot of action, Sean!

  2. Great photos!

    Winter in Seanhenge has a charm all its own. At this time, in my life, I would walk in the snow once, admire the icicles, hand the shovel to a friend, look from the window, every morning, and rebury myself under warm blankets to sleep the winter away. Better in than out! I admire your energy.:)

  3. Do you use snowshoes? In Northern Ontario, with that much snow, we wouldn't go anywhere without it. It was fun. And we walked much faster.

  4. It looks like you are pretty well snowed in..

    Will you be going skiing then? :):)

  5. Looks cozy Sean..)
    I look forward to my short trip to Brussels and Amsterdam Fri-Sun, driving through the beautiful white landscapes of Flandres and Brabant.
    the blackbird remind me of a Beattle song btw.)

  6. Oh poor you. This was us last year and we still remember it well. So few are complaining this year about the rain.

    It is so beautiful isn't it? But it gets very old fast and we long for Spring.

  7. Stan,
    nicely you put it: My shovel did, indeed, see a lot of action ... and snow.
    As for the blackbirds: I had to open some more restaurants, as some of my customers are very very quarrelsome when it comes to sharing apples.

    exactly what our mother would do!
    She loves sitting in the warm kitchen and watching her son(-in-law) shovelling. Sometimes she would even open the window and start cheering for me. :)
    Snowshoes? Why? I am fast without.

    Seriously: There's no need for snowshoes in our latitude.

    no skiing in our area. And just for a bit fun I'd not drive 200 kilometres in winter.
    Rather, inthe morning, I'd run two minutes barefeet through snowy Seanhenge. :)

    it is a rhapsody in white!
    As you mention the Beatles song:
    Enjoy a wonderful weekend in Flandern and Brabant. Your plane is only waiting for this moment to arise ... :)

    as this is the first time in a couple of years that we have a period that is worth being called winter, I do not consider myself poor. :)
    Nevertheless, like you I am looking forward to the days when it's getting warmer and the first crocuses are showing their heads.

    Rain in Vancouver?! Well, some artificial snow would do for Olympia, hm? After all, the show must go (on). :)