Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Enduring what?

There might follow an update.

Don't know when, though, as I am trying to help a dear person to get better - or at least - yes, although we do not want to, we do have to face this possibility - to die without pain ... peacefully and with a little smile on her lips.

Why would I mention this?

I think it's a fitting counterpoint to what you can see and hear in the following videos full stop

The peace of the night.

The following video is a short version. For the original 38 minutes video released by wikileaks.org please visit their special project website www.collateralmurder.com.


  1. Here is a "disgusting" article in defense of the video...

  2. http://weeklystandard.com/blogs/collateral-murder-baghdad-anything

    oppps... forgot to paste it...

  3. Wikileaks have been my heroes of journalism ever since I began following their activities. It will be interesting to see what this story does for their fortunes and for the credibility of the commercial media, most of whom lack the moral courage to report on this disgusting event as truthfully as they ought to — and whether those responsible will be made to account for their sanctioned inhumanity.

    There's an interesting article on this in Foreign Policy magazine.

  4. My best wishes to you and to your friend, Sean. It is rarely if ever easy to go, but better in any case to do so without pain; and if a smile is possible, so much the better for all.

  5. Warm wishes to your dear person, and family, Sean. To be surrounded with love, when health is failing, is a great comfort. Let's hope for the best. Peace be with you all.

  6. I watched the full wikileaks version twice - once with my husband and again with a friend. It's important that people know and understand that war makes brutes of everyone it touches.

    I hope you are well and that the person you love is at peace with destiny.

  7. Nevin,
    thanks for the link.
    Reading the article and some headlines not only by journalistic stanadards it's obvious that the Weekly Standard offers low standard.

    provided video, text and interpretation do not lack of accuracy, it certainly is.

    quite. I am pretty sure there are not just a few journalists in any media who'd agree with you.
    Taking but one (!) aspect of what is a complex matter:
    Given, I'd come to hear that the major of X-town is once a week eating little children. Great story, says the 'boss'. So for the next seven days I'm on the llok-out in front of the mayor's kitchen.
    Result: Story dead; the major is cooking spaghetti seven days a week.
    Thus, my boss paid me seven days for getting no story.
    And this is one of the many reasons why local newspapers, national-newspapers and many of all so-called mainstream media would not invest into investigation.
    In other words: 95-99 percent of all journalists and those calling themselves journalist, when following a hint have to return with a story. Time's money.
    And that is why, in the worst of all 'newspapers' you could read: 'According to our source the major of X-town once a week is eating little children.' ...
    Hope I could explain what I mean.

    Had not read the FP-article before. Interesting. Thanks for the link, Stan.
    And many thanks for your good wishes. The 'dear person' is our mother. Well, birth she gave to Mrs. J., but ... :)

    ... thank you ...

    not to repeat what I mentioned in my reply to Stan, a second of the myriads of aspects:
    Yes, it is important that people know and understand ... or rather: it would be important ...
    And in order to not always blaim the 'ppor' mainstream media: How many people do want to know? How many people would take consequences if they came to know? Would they speak out? Would they take action?
    Just a few questions ...

    For your kind thoughts and wishes: thank you, Susan.

    ... thank you, my friend.

  8. Think i'm glad i didn't take a look at the videos.
    Good luck and best wishes!


  9. Well, Bertus,
    you are probably the wisest amongst us, as the bottom line is: Nothing new ...
    Dank je wel voor de gouden wensen!

  10. In "war" or what the hawks call "war" killing and death are easy especially when done remotely as in the video.

    For the rest of us death is close, touches us only infrequently but is incredibly difficult.

    We are human, the warmongers are not.

    May your love make this time more bearable.

  11. Calum,
    And thank you for your kind wish.

    As for humans and no humans.
    [Of course I do know what you mean.]
    Unfortunately those warmongers are humans, too. What a tragedy.

  12. And many soldiers (like my brother, in WW2) never totally recuperate for having had to kill other soldiers on the battlefield.

    This video was in 2007. I want to know what's happening NOW. When will the Peace President STOP all wars? Didn't he promise he would? Why the USA Secretary of State just visited my country, pressuring us to stay in Afghanistan longer than 2011, the year we have decided to stop participating in this useless War? We don't want to be there. We're fed up of seeing our Canadian young men dying, disabled and mentally wounded.

  13. Our young women are also dying or physically, mentally wounded in that war.

  14. So, so awful, this video. Thank God for Wikileaks.

    And good thoughts and comfort to your ill friend!!