Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Pitch'n'Putt with Andrew'n'Calum

Oh sorry. Just notice: Correct title, wrong video. Or ...?


  1. Haha that is always a treat to see Sean

    Which one is which do you reckon. Will Andrew be waiting while Calum rails over a Topic?

  2. I wonder the same as Jams, which is which!

    And in addition who will win?

  3. In my younger days I was known to curse and swear on the course. Oh and sometimes, just very occasionally, I would batter a club on the ground or hurl it further than the ball.

    Now I am much much ..... much much fucking calmer!

  4. Jams,
    it's hilarious, isn't it? Hardly could get enough of it yesterday.
    As for your question according our Scottish golf-cracks: Actually, I could not decide who's who.

    yes, who will win?
    William the Spearshaker's answer would probably be: Andrew or Calum, that's the question.

    nevertheless, presently I can vividly imagine both of you taking either part.
    What about when meeting at St. Andrew's, Andrew and you are producing two remakes.
    As cinematographer I do suggest CherryPie who - apart from this - should also direct the documentary of your legendary duel.
    As closing scene of this thrilling highlight in film history I see the loser stamp his right foot like Rumpelstiltskin and then vanish in the 18th hole. (Alternative: the 19th hole.) ...

  5. Oh... Calum has a "golf temper eh?" Not me. I am worried now. May wait for Godot to come to protect me.

  6. Andrew,
    now, at least there's a clear message Calum can draw from your words: Yes. ... He'll p l a y.

    Oops! May I attract everyone's attention to the apostrophe between He and ll?
    Interesting what you get when letting vanish it, isn't it? ...

    Oh, why? Why am I on this windmillish quest? A kingdom for a §m^l&y!

  7. Courage Seanso my stout fellow, courage... or are you thinking of leaving the Don and his faithful Rocinante to battle the little smiling sprites alone?

  8. Don't worry Andrew, never would Seanso Pansa leave Don Quiscott's side.
    Sometimes seemingly siding with the worshippers of :),lol & Co., is just part of the strategy.