Thursday, April 01, 2010

McSeanagall's outing

Remembering that once in the past millennium when discovering all counties of Ireland [causing anyone's reflexes here?], during the first three weeks - probably due to my face being tanned by the Welsh sun - I got asked whether I were French or Italian; that after four weeks, though, people seemingly thought 'Well, neither he's English, Irish nor American, but perhaps Australian?; remembering that after three months I got asked which part of Ireland I was coming from, and that on the very last day when - just to say goodbye - entering a tea-house in Laragh where several times I had enjoyed tea & scones & good talks, the landlord just turned round and said 'Another two weeks, and you're a fucking Paddy, yourself', I think it's time to reveal ...

... once for ever ...

with an April 1st smile

that - in fact - I am a Scot.


  1. But do you know how to say Lairig Ghru and Milngavie and have you eaten a deep fried pizza?

  2. Colin,
    re the first two questions: Yes (as though perhaps with a tiny bit of a foreign accent);
    re the third question: No. A deep frozen pizza I'd not eat before it had become crispy in the oven,
    Mostly, though, I'd prepare it, myself.

  3. I always knew it, brother. And it is nothing to joke about, by the way pal.

  4. How did you know, Andrew this was/is a post (almost) just for you on this very day?
    Herewith pushing a tiny button hidden in my cap, intonating 'Scotland the Brave, I am wishing a most comfortable Guid nicht. [No smileys here; I am serious]

  5. Hello, Sean the Red! I can't stop laughing and crying here.....You're a silly, endearing fellow, McSeanagall! Couldn't care less which nationality you really are, and which accent your voice reveals, any country would be proud to claim you as a son! Put a French-Canadian tuque (toque), and speak Canuck, we'll adopt you instantly in Québec. Bonne nuit, mon ami!

  6. You need to work on the pose in the second picture though, for you are almost smiling. But keep working on the grumpy scowl and you may yet fit in.

  7. Great Scot(t)! So the rumours were true. Yet your commendably orange hair is very Irish, so I see where the confusion might arise. As a compromise, from this day forth I will consider you a Celt.

  8. I don't get it, why this celebration of Irishness on April Fool's Day? Have you been following our economy?

  9. I think you need to stick to the flowers ;-)

  10. CherryPie - You're so honest. It's very refreshing!!!

  11. Tis a mighty fine head of hair all the same! Do you play the pipes by any chance?

  12. Claudia,
    I thank you; the more as cosmopolitans by choice are not welcome everywhere.

    Dear fellow-Scot(t),
    thank you so much for your most appreciated advice.
    Actually, it was hard work to cause the corners of my mouth to adumbrate a start for an expediation to the ear-lobes, just for the sake of giving certain visitors an impetus to once again thinking of the date.
    Less difficult was the grumpy scowl, as without glasses (see the the dent on the right root of the nose?), I am as eagle-eyed as a mole.
    Still, I shall try harder.

    a Celt, perhaps, but no Orangeman.

    C'est La Craic,
    perhaps I was just lucky, but in the past 30 years I was allowed to meet so many kind Irish(wo)man - some of them even extraordinary.
    Remember '85? Avoca. About 80 percent of the males unemployed. At least, that is what I was told.

    After those three months I wrote an article and offered it to the IT. Two days later I was told: Excellent. However, I am sorry, we can't print it.
    Telling this to the elderly Lady in Sandycove, I stayed with (B&B), who afore had read it, she smiled: Well, they think an Irishman could write this, but no foreigner.
    :) Well, I was digressing. To your question: Yes! I am following ... not only the economics.

    CherryPie, Claudia,
    that's what I thought. A flower garland round my head would fit me much better, wouldn't it?

    unfortunately not. Even more I do regret that I did not get the chance / was to lazy to learn playing the uileann pipe.

  13. We need to talk about where you purchase your hair dye... :)

  14. Very fetching Mr J. With hair like that your skin will burn under a 40W bulb!

  15. Knatolee,
    the track leads to Moffet ...

    that's why when wearing orange hair, I'd mind not only 40W bulbs.

  16. Rough... Bearded... Germanic... Ginger... Oh!!!

  17. Ashley,
    ... see me? ... still blushing? ...

    Dulcinea, pretty pearl of Perth,
    ... Scottish ... Ginger. Scottish!