Thursday, April 22, 2010

No kingdom for more sleep

Not much sleep I'd get these days. However, the other morning, having a mug of tea and a cigarette on balcony, when ...

looking east, and ...

looking south ...

again I felt: I am privileged.

The peace of the night.


  1. We are privileged that you took the time to share. Merci de tout coeur. Douce nuit!

  2. Wonderful! In front of my house it's the monumental red chestnut tree which is doing the magic.


  3. Y'know smoking's bad for you right?

    Still looking in on occasion, hoping only good things for all you good people.

    I start my PhD soon, welcome timing for absolute poverty.

    Love to all at Seanhenge and beyond.


  4. Ah! Chris - So good to hear from you. Take care, my friend. All the best, always. Wherever you are, if you're ever hungry, knock at my door if I'm still around. We'll also share a glass of wine. Cheers!

  5. Spring has sprung from all three photos. Thanks for sharing the privilege, Sean.

  6. Claudia,
    thank you. There's indeed not much leisure, these days.

    what about posting a photo of your 'monumental red chestnut', and thus sharing its magic with us?

    it's easily written - and often people who'd write it would not mean it - but: I do think of you much more often than I write.
    So good to 'hear' from you.
    Gosh, so much to ask, so much to tell.
    Suppose it's about taking the time for a letter.
    Ah ... so good to read your lines, my friend. Take care. Until soon.

    while I am answering this, it has been 'snowing' blossoms. But a few days more, and the magic will have vanished ... only to be followed by another one.
    Indeed, looking around - and fully aware that many contemporaries would tend to call me a sentimental idiot, or at least leniently smile - I think, by having 'learnt' to appreciate 'banalities' like blossoming cherries, we are privileged.

    you could not say otherwise, could you? :)

  7. Sean: Would anyone really think you a sentimental idiot for appreciating the everyday sights and events of nature? If so, they are to be pitied. There's nothing banal about blossoming cherries: it's something to treasure, a wondrous phenomenon capable of bringing deep pleasure and awe to those who simply know how to see.

  8. Just watching and smelling my small herbal garden (10 different pots) make me dance and sing. It would be hard to contain my euphoria around blossoming cherries.

  9. Stan,
    I think now and then I do just want to show that I am well aware of that some of those who by chance stumble upon this blog might raise their brows etc..
    That, indeed, I think, too, they are to be pitied is hidden within the 'I am privileged'.
    For a desillusioned realist, being able to see and appreciate the beauty in what often seems / is inconspicious, is certainly a gift.
    Well, as mostly, you put my thoughts much better than I could. Thank you.

    as soon as Tetrapilotomos can achieve those very 15 minutes to invent a portable wormhole, I shall beam you up to Seanhenge.

  10. That black and white one is exceptionally beautiful.

  11. Ah, Ashley,
    that is no b/w photo. It was but taken at night. :)