Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Moon, Light & Shadow

Clouds, clouds, clouds tonight. And rain. Nothing to be seen here of tonight's full moon, unlike some days ago, when the astro-physicist before for one night travelling a bit deeper into what humans commonly call our (sic!) universe, focused the observatory's telescope on the almost full moon.
If I remember correctly, the photo contains of 14 shots, and its original size is 80 x 90 centimetres.

Click to enlarge.

So much for the light, and here comes for the shadow.


  1. It has rained non stop for the last 2 days here as well... We hear this weekend will be very nice. I am hoping to go biking with the family if the wether permits....

    Beautiful photo of the moon....

  2. ... and we, while temporary enjoying some spells of sun, are looking forward - not! - to some forecasted snow.
    Anyway, it would be easier to find the Easter eggs.
    A biker-friendly weekend to you and yours, Nevin.

  3. That is a stunning image Sean. As for the song I've always had a soft spot for it

  4. Jams,
    Glad you like the astro-physicist's pic. He'll like to hear that.
    It's getting the more interesting when looking at it and listening to his explanations.
    Don't know why, but Moonlight Shadow for me is a catchy song, since I heard it sung by Sally Oldfield (Mike's sister) who in the early 80s for a short time was pretty popular in Germany.
    Maggie Reilly isn't too bad, though. :)

  5. I hope it's OK to have printed the splendid photo. It's right on top on the wall, next to one of your sunsets. My very own beautiful inside the outside one is nearly invisible, and often betrays my expectation.

    Nice song. Didn't know it at all. Great title.

  6. The dark side of the moon! Love it ;-)

  7. Claudia,lovely thought. However, don't give 72 dpi give a lousy print?

    [great exception]