Monday, March 15, 2010

Sometimes it's nice to imagine hell exists

The hottest places in hell are reserved for those
who in times of great moral crisis

maintain their neutrality.
Dante Alighieri


  1. Silence may be golden but not always.

  2. THe problem is that the choice is all too often between shit and shite!

  3. If hell exists, hopefully there's a very toasty little corner set aside for the likes of Sean Brady (see here: I heard him on the radio this morning trying to justify not reporting the sexual abuse of children to the police (instead forcing them to sign vows of silence), and was still in a rage when I arrived at work an hour later.

  4. If Hell did exist it would be full of the very people who are convinced it really does exist but are equally convinced that it's other people who'll be going there. And if I ended up there on some silly technicality, or maybe during visiting hours, I'd get so much pleasure from saying "Well, well, well... fancy meeting you here Father, Bishop, Cardinal, Pope, Archbishop, Reverend, Pastor, Rabbi, General, Sergeant, President, Prime Minister... oh..and all you lawyers and bankers too - hope you get a nice bonus roasting, but where are the poor? This place must be five star it's so full of the rich. Oh well, make the best of it, at least everybody is allowed to scream rather than being forced to adhere to a vow of silence...

  5. Dante's line reminds me of another: "All that is necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing."

    Much of the trouble seems to be that a great many of those in positions of power and influence had to sacrifice, ignore, repress or otherwise get past their moral sense — if they had one to begin with — in order to attain their positions in the first place. They subsequently become grand masters of compromise, equivocation and self-interest, and thus the creaky old system grinds hideously on, far removed from the basic concerns of the mass of humans. Many of whom would probably do (and undo and not do) similarly, given the chance.

  6. Jams that is beautiful! Your comment made me laugh...

    We have a saying in Turkish:

    When you look up, it's the mustache, when you look down it's the beard. Basically Shit and Shite! :)

  7. I'm with Dante. And I hope I'll see what should be done. And I hope I'll have the courage to speak up and do it. Otherwise, what's the point of living? Let me burn in hell.

  8. My Dad always said hell was right here on earth!

  9. Dear all,
    sorry for not having replied to your comments, yet.
    It won't be forgotten. Tonight, hopefully the words will come easier to me.

    ... good to see you leniently smiling. Thank you.

  10. After all:

    There's anyother (German) saying: The prudent one gives in.
    And some people would add: That is why the stupid ones rule the world.

    yep. Some call it an alternative.

    I read this at Bock's. Said to say, but I was not surprised. Neither am I surprised that similar abuses happen(ed) in Germany, Poland, The Netherlands and probably everwhere else within the pales of the Catholic Church.
    Glad I am, though, that, after all, more and more victims speak out.

    yes! In so far it were a pity, did hell not exist.

    spot on!

    And one (of many) German sayings is: The choice is between pest and cholera.

    Given your wish once will be fulfilled, it increases the chance that one day we shall meet.

    unfortunately, only very seldom it applies to those who'd deserve 'burning in hell'.