Sunday, March 21, 2010

Bach in the Air

Regular readers might think "Why does he post the same piece twice?"
Well, is it the same?
Enjoy, and judge yourself.

Quasi a postscriptum: What a surprise, this morning to find Bertus' comment. Coincidence? I (had) saved Ton Koopman and The Amsterdam Baroque Orchestra for tonight - as a crowning finale on Bach's 325th birthday - for almost exactly the same reasons as Bertus' described, what I could, however, never ever have explained so well. Perhaps I'd been a bit more lenient with La Mutter. Nevertheless, I do see Bertus' point, and: I do agree - the more when putting on my sarcasm hat.


  1. I totally agreed with Bertus. Had he not spoken, I would have remained silent. I didn't know what to say. Not only the narcissistic violonist(obliterating her companions) but the whole scene (for me) was grotesque. It's Bach after all...You don't need to add anything if you play him with love and respect, and let him shine.

    Thanks for this video. I also like the saxophone interpretation you put in your comment. Sadly I cannot use Bertus' links. I don't know how to use my browser (?) to reach YouTube that way.

    Happy Birthday, Bach. I fell in love with you, when I played your Menuets, at 6 years old. You're still Number One in my heart.

  2. Claudia,
    just copy and paste Bertus' link, and you get it.

    As for La Mutter, as Bertus calls her (made me grin): She's, of course, a great violonist, but perhaps she performed a bit too often with Karajan.
    And, unfortunately, often artists - for whathever reason - can't the resist to slip into the roll in which others want to see them.
    I suppose Bach would forgive her. ...

  3. Thanks Sean.

    Ander La Mutter deserves eine richtige Tracht Prügel from the old master.


  4. This is a beautiful rendition you can live and feel the music :-) And I am a musician.

    PS: sorry for the smilie, it is part of who I am...

  5. Bertus,
    how cometh I hear La Mutter chirping: 'Hit me, J.S., hit me quick, hit me with your rythm stick!'.

    Ah, CherryPie,
    glad you enjoyed this, too.

    Re your smiliesI repeat what Andrew wrote some minutes ago - and this goes for all:
    Feel free to use whatever smiles and frowns and pouts you wish CherryPie. It's only my own ones that I've abandoned.
    The peace of the night.

  6. I don't know how to copy and paste. I'm totally ignorant in those areas.

    As for your little sign :) which you always used abundantly. Now I figure you're always angry, when you don't use it. I couldn't care less. But I ain't smiling at people who don't smile!!!!! Sleep well.

  7. CherryPie,
    almost I had made a step back on my very quest. ...

    mark the link, then push 'ctrl' and 'Ins', move to the top of your brouser (just can't think of the term); well where right now you you see this:, or open a new tab, and then push and hold the shift-button and push 'Ins'.
    Uff, would you latest now agree that my English at least at times is lousy?
    Anyway, if you do exactly what I would do, it should work.

    If not, ask again. We will find help. You will watch this video. ...

  8. Nope! Not to worry...When my son returns, he'll probably know. Thanks a lot!

  9. Got it! Got it! Got it! Miracle.....First time since I have the computer I can reach those links. A zillion thanks!....

  10. Ha ha - almost I had put a :), but in the last moment I thought of that such a naughty deed would be a step backwards on DonQuiscott's and Seanso Pansa's quest, and managed to resist the temptation.

    Glad you got it, Claude. Enjoy!

  11. I will, dear, dear, dear Seanson Pansa. The "dears" are worth 3 invisible ":)". Haha!