Thursday, March 04, 2010

Cyclone Xynthia as terrific goalgetter

There will very probably be a replay. As the ref's decision ought to have been: corner.

Well, on the other hand, what do I know about football? :)


  1. I think the butler did it or was I looking at the wrong footage?

  2. Neither the butler nor the gardener, Jams. The bloody storm it was. :)

  3. Outstanding goal! It was probably recorded as an own goal, which is a pity, since the wind deserves most of the credit. Of course, the man who took the kick should have had the sense not to kick high into a strong wind...

  4. Well, according to the rules the referee ought to have given a corner, Stan, as a goal-kick can't result in an own goal.
    As said, I'm pretty sure there will be a replay.
    Anyway, I am sure none of the players will forget these seconds, and I see quite a few of them once telling their grandchildren again ... and ... again ... and :) ...
    one days the naughty grandchildren will start to ask: 'Oh, by the way, grandpa, what happened on that very day when the storm scored a goal?' ... :)