Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Another 1500 years?

Oh dear! One could, indeed, come to think that Omnium, - i.e. everything (essential) - has been posted (just check the label), and thus after almost three years it's time to break the habit's paralysing stances; and if it were to prove that not only each beginning bears a special magic, but also each ending.

Anyway, another March 17th, and
once again quite a few Irish - yes, yes, and folks of other provenance - will keep the landlords busy, celebrating ... what?
And why?!

Alright, let's take for granted, a certain Patrick expelled all snakes from Hiberna.

And what's the outcome?

Since the Emerald Island is swarming with priests.

A reason to celebrate?

After all, the majority of the Irish people seem to be happy with the outcome of this wondrous metamorphosis.

Oh well, who knows what they would get, did they banish all bishops, monks, priests and nuns.

They might for the next 1,500 years or so be ruled by paederasts.



  1. Ruled by pederasts? Makes a change of been preached at by them!

  2. Your Sláinte has a dose of Bitter.

    I don't understand why Ireland doesn't take control of its Education System. We did it in French Quebec in the last 20-25 years. The Churches are closing, and the Religious Congregations are nearly extinct. The Province is surviving!

    Here's to the Irish we love. The ones that are gone, the ones that are here. Nobody is like you, and we all want to be you. On this day of the Green, our heart is with you. To your good health!

  3. Grinning widely at Sean's post, and Jams's and Claudia's comments.

    But since it's Paddy's Day, and I'm Irish, and sober, I'll be serious a moment. People can be naturally cowed by authority in almost any form. Deferential by default — and to a fault. Sometimes I think this is especially true of Irish people. The past swells into the present.

    Seriousness over. Happy St Patrick's Day, Sean and everyone and Omnium!

  4. Jams,
    the French once made a revolution to get rid of their king, and 15 years later they got an emperor.

    I am not bitter, just my sarcasm hat I had put on.
    Echoing your toast I am raising my mug: Sláinte!

    lovely to imagine you grinning widely.
    Putting of my sarcasm hat, I do agree to your second paragraph. Well, you know that, anyway.

    Happy St Patrick's Day, my friend.

  5. "a certain Patrick expelled all snakes from Hiberna."

    Just between you and me... I don't think he did. I think a bit of fibbing is involved here...

  6. Andrew,
    you did, of course, not miss the 'Let's take for granted' (which implicates that the following - to put it mildly - is not granted.

    Anyway, I know why you quoted out of the context: By trying to lure me on the path of naughty symbols, Don Quiscott's testing Seanso Pansa's sincerity.

    May again I assure you of the latter, with the corners of my mouth starting an expedition to the ear-lobes?

  7. Good one!!

    Mostly I was amazed at how many were already drunk by noon in Ottawa yesterday. And I was also miffed to see a chalkboard sign outside a bar saying "Happy St. Patty's Day!" PATTY?! Obviously written by someone with not a drop of Irish in her blood!

  8. Gosh, pretty behind on answering comments I am!
    Sorry, Knatolee.

    Well, "St. Patty's" sounds as if the writer thought of a lady, or a hermaphrodite, doesn't it?
    Unlike what you witnessed in Ottawa, at the navel of my world, thus in this tiny village, neither did I see any drunken pub crawlers at noon, nor at night.