Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Birth & Death(lessness)

It's once again the (International) Day of the Book.
Well, and once again I do not care, but just repeat:
For me 365 days in any year are days of books,
and 366 in leap-years.

Anyway, on Shakespeare's 446th birthday
the 394th anniversary of either his dead
and the death of Cervantes
just to wish a very special literary evening.

May my voice not put you off the realm poetry.


  1. "Seanso! Is that you killing off Creator Cervantes a month too early? 23rd April I think, not March, you burly Cerveza'd-up fool...," said the Don, with his thin lips curving upwards into an affectionate smile beneath two friendly eyes...

  2. And Shakey's (reputed) death was April 23 too. I thought Germany was one hour ahead of GMT. Is it one month?

  3. Ha ha ha! Andrew,
    today for me was April 23rd! At least what depends the very day.
    What a silly sod I am. And there was nothing in my tea. Well, as far as I know.
    Suppose it's all Welshcakes fault as two days ago, thus on the 21st, she posted about World Poetry Day, and I thought, "Hm, Poetry Day on the 21st, Day of the Book on the 23rd". Well and here you are.
    Anyway, I shall not delete this and put it as a draft.
    For two reasons: 1. There deserve more readers to have a good laugh about 'scattered Sean'. 2. It does not often happen that I am ahead of my time.

    PS: Yes, again I had almost typed a :), but again in the last moment I came to think of that this would mean a step backwards on our quest.
    The peace of the night, dear Don Quiscott.
    Yours faithfully Seanso Pansa

  4. So Seanso my squire... what are you going to do with that entire month that you thought you had already had? You are a unique man indeed, with a month to live again, what luxury, but make a better job of it this time than last eh? Last time it seemed to all rush by in the blink of an eye for you. And I thought the Don was meant to be the delusional one...

    By the way... what year are you at? It's 2001 over here... The Millennium Bug seems to have been a bit of a false fear, so far...

  5. Blimey! So I landed by a digitwiddler in 2010? Why did nobody tell me earlier.
    Gosh, this means, I will start blogging in six years.
    Originally I intended to follow an invitation by the Max Planck Society to learn more about the Black Holes, on September 10th/11th. However, now I think I shall cancel my trip to Munich.
    What about us having a few pints of plain in the WTO, instead? I have never been to New York, yet.

    Gosh, after this shock I need to put my head on the pillow. Wonder what surprise is waiting me in case I manage once again to esacape Morpheus' arms ...

  6. One month is not too much to celebrate Shakespeare's Birth and to cry abour his Death.

    I raise my glass of Henkell sparkling wine to his marvellous Sonnet (one of my favourites) brought to us with your vibrant eloquence. Thank you to both of you. À la votre!

  7. Now, that's a good idea! Thanks for bailing me out, Claude!

    Lifting my seventh mug of tea in Toronto-direction.
    Apropos tea! Now it begins dawning to me, why and how this malheur could happen. For the first time in months I did not drink a single drop of coffee all day! ...
    Ah, guess what I'll have for breakfast.

  8. It's not my fault, Sean because EVERYTHING is Sky Italia's fault these days! Thanks for an informative post and a good laugh in the comments.

  9. Great recital, Sean! Like you I prefer to celebrate Lifetime of the Book, today and any day. Or a month of Shakespeare, as Claudia proposes.

    When I saw you had revised Cervantes' and the Bard's birthdays, I remembered the non-orbiting orb and wondered if it was a test of our wits or memories! When the truth was revealed, the title's "Deathlessness" took on a new meaning.

  10. Here's the program at the Music Studio Chanterelle, this Friday. Three presentations of Bach Air Suite 3 in D major from Omnium. And Shakespeare: Sonnet CXVI with Tetrapilotomos. Then, the teacher will play a simple arrangement for piano of the Air Suite 3 and a Bach Menuet in G major that the students will learn and practice in the next 6 weeks. Adding to the Chopin offered by Omnium, on February 22.

    Just wanted to tell you, Sean, that, in the next few weeks, many of the clicks will come from Toronto. Thank you for the inspiration. And for being a month early to celebrate Shakespeare. The composer and the poet go so well together. It's fun to join them at the music hour.

  11. I also wish to thank Bertus for his link to another great Bach recital.

  12. Ah what's a month Sean! Still it's good to celebrate the Bard and Cervantes on any day. Flann O'Brien is to be celebrated EVERY day of course

  13. I'm firmly convinced that both (Shakespeare and Cervantes) would have wanted to be known as the author of The Poor Mouth.