Thursday, March 11, 2010

Tiny harbinger

On first sight there's nothing special,
when last Sunday I went to feed the birds.

Snow, birds- and cat tracks, some scrubs.
However, what a delight ...

... on second sight.


  1. Ah.... the old "second sight" again eh? What a treat. Brave little crocus.

  2. Love your photos. I especially love the second one. :)

  3. That truly is a sight to gladden the heart Sean

  4. Ahh! the first light of spring, how lovely :-)

  5. Warming my heart, cheering my eyes... :)

  6. Ah, a sight as magical as it is familiar (whatever its shape and colour)! It looks as though it will catch some sunshine there too.

  7. Andrew,
    I could not resist. :)
    Yes! 'Cools folks' might - and may - call it boring, silly, stupid: still, I do always feel a wonderful joy in such moments.
    And I am lucky that I am allowed to live and see many such tiny lovely moments.

    thank you.
    I do of course, have one advantage: I do not have to dive to catch my motifs. :)

    it is, my friend. It is.

    yes, after all; but nothing compared with the splendour spoiling a certain Scotman's eyes and heart with pleasure. :)

    ... and if I had taken this photo just for your delight ... :)

    glad you chose the word 'magical'. It's exactly the word I whispered to myself. As for sunshine: We had many of it during the past week, but it is still pretty cold. I am quite optimistic, though, that in about two weeks spring will flower out its magic in Seanhenge, again.

  8. A very pretty sight indeed are crocuses in the snow. I hope you have a wonderful spring.