Friday, March 12, 2010

Whom the (snow-)bells toll

Well, actually I intended just to title '... and some more', but would first time visitors have known I were refering to the previous post? [Ha ha, no link here!]
After all, one does not need to be arrogant to not expect too much from the average 'stumblers upon', hm? :)

Anyway, why Whom the (snow-)bells toll?
Nah :), not primarily as this would offer the opportunity to mention en passant, that about thirty years ago colleagues used to call me Hemingway, but because Schneeglöckchen translated in English are not snowdrops but snowbells.

Ahem ... end of the beforegoing.

It's often said that nature is 'magical'. A few people in Haiti, Chile and Turkey, to name but a few countries, would perhaps / probably not wholeheartedly agree these days, especially not those who are dead; well, and those who had / have to learn that what humans use to call natural desaster (or so) does not necessarily increase fellow sufferers' ethic standards.
Oh, by the way, did you hear, watch anything about Haiti during the past fortnight?
Nothing? Ah, I am so glad! Isn't this global solidarity wonderful a thing? Some benefit galas, and before you could say f.e. religion or helpfulness, all Haitians got a new roof over their heads, enough to drink and eat; hospitals, schools, ah ... the whole infrastructure was renewed.
Isn't it a pity that good news are (considered to be) no news?
Still, isn't it wonderful to live in these times? In times when no wo/man feels so desperate to fall on her/his knees and cry "Oh, please, God, help me!", as there's always a fellow human not only willing to be g(o)od but really does help?
Brave new world!

End of the beforegoing.

What you are witnessing, in case you did not a while ago surf on to the next world-shattering important blogger(s) is, what a tiny step it is from taciturnity to logorrhoea as, of course, I could just have written:

This was what I saw on Saturday.

This was what I saw on Sunday.

And this when looking a bit closer.

Apropos, looking closer. Just thinking of everything's fine by now in Haiti, Chile, Turkey .... ah, and, of course, in China's democracy, I am. Liu Xiabo is free!! And so is Hu Jia. No priest or imam letting a little boy suck their holy pricks, no freedom fighter in Kongo or elsewhere raping a girl or woman together with his fellow heroes, and when after some seconds his manhood's getting limp, letting do his bajonet - oh, well or a fucking wooden stick - the rest to increase the woman's delight; Mr. Obama has declared Order 81 null and void, and consequently the Masters of Monsanto became bio famers; in Nigeria ... ...

... ah! Stop! This could have become such a lovely little post!! Lovely little flowers in snow. How cute! Harbingers of spring. Now, isn't there still hope?! I mean, it does not happen often that seasons change, does it? It's really surprising.

Forget it!

Rather than going on boring you, I quit and go on writing three or four pages more of what's going to become another glorious novel that will shatter the world ... not.
Who cares?! As long as readers shovel money upon me. I consider it better than shovelling snow, anyway.

Even better than wasting your time.

The peace of the night.


  1. What can I say? Nice snowdrop. Nasty people.

  2. Well, Andrew,
    actually, this was supposed to become a post about snowdrops/snowbells. The proper translation of Schneeglöckchen, by the way, would be snowbellies. :)

    However, suddenly I felt that readers might I think lost my fighting spirit. :)
    On the contrary! It's only that expressing my opinion, my wrath, my furor about the myriads of (organised) stupidity, crime and injustice in English properly, would take me too (?) much time.
    ... Well, no philosophising about time now, and about laziness in learning vocabularies.
    Sarcasm? Furor? Irony? Wrath? Perhaps I should forget about (in English).

    Perhaps I should restrict on posting some nice photos now and then, some neat captions, commending some books, .... and that's it.

    If I had not met people like you, I had latest about 18 months ago given up blogging.

    Life's wondrous, and wondrous are the paths of our thinking. Well, of mine, anyway.

    The peace of the night. :)

  3. Well of course the lovely flowers draw people in to read on the more important issues ;-)

  4. Well...obviously spring is coming.:)

    And not all people are nasty. I'm thinking of the medical teams still in Haiti, and of the people, here, still on the phone getting parmaceutical supplies for them. Maybe you'll say: a drop of kindness in a sea of misery. I would despair only if there would be nobody, not one person caring. I could say more...

    But I will stop here before someone tells me to start my own blog.:)

  5. Hey Claudia - have you ever thought about starting a blog? :)

  6. Andrew Scott - No! Never! The mouth that speaks not is sweet to hear....:)

  7. CherryPie,
    I am not sure about that.
    Even I do sometimes find puzzling that in moments or periods I feel relaxed, serene and happy, soon I start to look on the very side of life which is not bright; and vice versa. :)

    hopefully I shan't despair, neither.
    First and foremost I thought my postings have / had become a bit too shallow, which, on the other hand, might be understandable, as when not blogging my thoughts are diving deep into evilness these weeks, its mechanisms, its roots.

    Still, it was time to let a bit steam off. :)
    What I did not manage to make clear is that my rant was aimed against the phenomenon that our media and we consumers such soon get bored when 'something' takes/lasts longer than a couple of days.
    Thankfully the next natural desaster / scandal of the century does follow, if not on a daily basis, latest after a week.

    SomeONE tells/suggests/asks you to start a blog? I know of twelveONES - eleven Seldom Borings plus Omnium.

    Ha ha ha, and counting Andrew twice, as he's almost twice as tall as you, there are even 13. :)

  8. There is always a perfect balance between that perfect happy feeling and worrying about that other side of life.