Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Just a thought

Sometimes I wish I knew less
about violence in its various forms.
And when being in such a mood,
I wish I were a humble gardener,
fond of literature and poetry,
writing a poem now and then.


  1. May the above explain my 'Seldom Borings' why I would not visit often these days, and comment even less.

    Nothing to worry. It's just that perhaps/probably (?) I let my thoughts once again dive a bit too deep into dark reality.

  2. What Jams says, is all I needed to say.

  3. ohh come on... it is not so bad... just look at my last post... :)

  4. Jams, Claudia,
    thank you.

    oh yes ... it is so bad. No doubt, though, that soon I shall look (more) onto the bright side of life, again.
    I think tonight, instead of some mugs of tea, I shall follow your parents' example, and have some glasses of wine, for a change.