Friday, October 22, 2010

Friday is Skyday


  1. What lies above Seanhenge every other day of the week since the sky only comes on Fridays? A gleaming dome of pure Omnium perhaps?

    We have snow on the hills today, by the way. I'll send some over via the sky. You got your famous snow shovelling muscles powered up for the months ahead? (The very muscles that I don't believe you have shown Claude yet, despite your teasing promises, unless I missed them).

  2. With generosity,
    everyday but Friday,
    Sean sends his sky away
    to my little country.
    Sometimes it's very blue.
    But one cloud, even two,
    can visit happily.
    Seanhenge's sky is friendly
    be it dark and rainy.
    He doesn't mind sharing
    and that's all we're asking.

    Du Canada, merci
    au ciel de Germanie.

  3. Andrew,
    right you are! Who cares about rhymes?! Next week every day will be(come) a skyday.

    Fortunately, no snow-clouds here, yet.
    Fortunately , as there's still so much waiting to be done in the garden this autumn. Well, and the less snow will need to be shovelled during winter, the better for my muscles that despite for various reasons not having been powered up as usually, have still (!) been shown Claude. An August ending that - unlike the Ladies you missed. :)

    it is, isn't it? For many years I did not take photos of the sky as I thought: 'Now it's enough!'.
    Perhaps it still is /enough). However, for the past two years once again I changed my mind.

    thank you!
    Best I like ... sky is friendly
    be it dark and rainy
    . ...

    why would I come to think of the woman who for decades each day would take two photographs of the Fujijama - exactly at the same hour in the morning and in the evening - until 'one day' a factory was built?
    Ah, probably, as there are no factories between my camera and the sky ...

  4. I'm not quite sure why, but your sky pictures always make me smile :-)

  5. Yes Sean, I did miss the photograph kindly posed by your muscle-bound young gardener lad in August. I've just perused it now. Very impressive. You should be careful not to offend him.

  6. Dear Ruth,
    it's lovely to learn that I am able to conjure a smile on your lips. Thank you for letting me know.

    ha ha ha ha ha ha ...
    Self-mirroring in a balcony-door obviously seems to have juvenescent effect.