Friday, October 08, 2010

Noble decision

Peace Nobel Prize to


  1. And I hope Liu Xiabo, and his supporters in China, survive it.

  2. A far more worthy recipient that Obama. The Nobel committee has got it right this year... Glad to see that the Chinese government is royally pissed off about it!

  3. Andrew,
    Liu Xiabo is one of those personalities whom I do admire as I am not sure if I - in comparable a situation - would be as courageous as he is.

    I hope thy will; but I fear - and latest news are not good - that he, his wife, and many of those who signed 'Charta '08' will feel 'the whip' of those I call(ed) the Bastards of Beijing.

    Quite. And let's not gon on with Gore, Arafat, Kissinger & Le Duc Tho.
    Yes, I do like, too, to see the Bastards of Beijing royally pissed off; at the same time I am full of worries.

  4. My friends, at Pen Canada, are saying that the Nobel Peace Prize Committee wanted to look good in the eyes of the world without thinking of the after effect on the recipient, and his friends, who are totally unprotected. China is not afraid of the world opinion. Nobody can afford financially not to deal with the country.

  5. The Nobel Committee certainly got it right again this year. Nevertheless, I fear for him.

  6. Claude,
    one could say I was wasting time; anyway I read about 500 comments on his nomination, in German and in English.
    Many of these 500 had not even heard his name before, but felt able to leave a comment.

    I can't help feeling this was a (very) political decision.
    Nevertheless: By looking at the time I posted this you will see that I had prepared a post with my favourite and in the second his name was mentioned had just to push the very button.

    In other words: Being aware of what might be the (negative) outcome for me awarding Liu Xiabo was the best decision the Nobel Prize Comitee could make.

    like you I am worrying (for him, his wife and like-minded supporters), but - look above - (for me) he is worthy of the prize.
    If Mr. Liu happened to be me, very probably he would be a coward.

  7. Of course, we want Liu Xiabo to have it, Sean. Of course, he (and all the brave people who signed Charter 08) deserve the recognition and the world-wide publicity. But they're defenseless, jailed in, either in a building, or on the streets of China. And we can't do anything to protect them. They are in my heart and prayers.

  8. Delighted by this too, for what it's worth. Let's hope someone tells him, and that he and his family and supporters see progress made in their lifetimes.