Sunday, October 24, 2010

... rolling down


  1. A fascinating shot - all the more so because of the clear markings of the moon...dare I ask what is it rolling down? :)

  2. comparing the previous (moon-)shot with this one, for me, too, the result was surprising.
    The first shot was taken without, the second with flashlight.
    Re your question: The moon is (beginning) to roll off the shed's roof. :)

    glad you like it. Meanwhile I regret that I did not take some more shots / let it roll down the roof ...

  3. Great shot! Is it rolling towards my country? I hope it will not break when it arrives.

    My son (who is here recovering from surgery, and using my internet) says he might have dismantled my connection with my hotmail address. I'll see with this message.

    Please, be careful with our moon, Sean. I think we only have one!

  4. Claude,
    had I had her rolling on Miss Luna would have fallen into the rain barrel; and as I felt a bit lazy to run downstairs, help her out and reach her a towel, I stopped the experiment.
    Unlike your convalescent who obviously let vanish your email account ... for ever? :)
    Despite his naughty act :), kind regards and my good wishes for a highspeed-recovery.

  5. Yes! Everything is gone. We're still trying to retrieve the account. But I had to take a new address for follow up comments and to speak with friends.

    Though I love your daring moon photos, I'm glad it remains secured in your sky and mine.

  6. Ah! And still not eaten by the Moon ant!


  7. A wonderful photograph of the moon rolling down a Saharan dune. Did you rent the camel by the hour?

  8. CherryPie,
    feel safe, my dear. Never I'd misuse my power ... :)

    be happy it is only your account is (being made) gone ... :)

    why would I - and possiby you, too - not be surprised were the very ant's name Sisyphus? :)

    a camel I was not to wait for your question but to rashly telling Janice the truth! :)

  9. The 'soft' edge of the roof makes me see this in a biological light. The beginning of life.

    And coincidentally, it echoes something I was talking about earlier today: the 'rolling sun' at Bohea, Co. Mayo.

  10. Stan,
    s(t)unning coincidence, indeed!
    The day after I did regret that I had been too tired/lazy to wait and let the moon roll down (the roof) as does the sun from Croagh Patrick.
    Thanks for the link!
    Interesting - for several reasons - you see 'the beginning of life'.
    The peace of the night.