Saturday, October 30, 2010

Not newsworthy

Blimey! What a story, though ...
would I happen to be the Duchess of Cornwall.


  1. Oh dear Sean have you been mauled by a moggy? That is some heavy duty scratching

  2. Ah, Jams,
    obviously, since due to a torn tibialis anterior tiny a bit handicapped, my role as Seanhenge's alpha cat got challenged.
    Some swearwords being roared into the challenger's direction proved to be enough, though, to restore the status quo.

  3. Imagine doing this to yourself just to get a bit of publicity - not much though. :)

  4. You're the Lord of Seanhenge, a place very dear to your fans and followers. This is important and bad news, Sean.

    Hope you received good medical attention for your painful torn tibia and those nasty scratches.

    I'm sure you were able to regain the place you're entitled to on your land and castle. Although I seem to remember you losing armchair and bed, more than once, to the Royal Cat.

    Take care.:)

    P.S. Sacrebleu is a respectable but very effective swearword on such occasions.

  5. @Sean
    I'm sure this is good enough to comfort a duchess.

    I see you've turned into a book case.


  6. Just hope you haven't come down with cat scratch fever after that episode. We don't want to see any insult added to the injury.

    The Duchess was born with a whopping case and nothing could be done.

  7. Calum,
    your heartfelt sympathy is much appreciated, my dear friend. :)

    actually, for an intact muscle, I'd offer my right arm for some more scratches. :)
    I must say, though, that the feline ladies are graciously sharing the sofa with that wimpy biped, these days.

    it is, isn't it? :)

    ah, your compassion is balm on my mauled arm. Thank you.
    Lord Gaga wouldn't treat me that way, would he? :)

    nah, fortunately it hurt but until I went to bed. Next morning it was okay.
    Something the very Duchess can't claim.

    is a fine word in this context.

  8. @Claude
    O dear, and now you are a piano! What is happening to you? Trying to avoid cat scratches?


  9. The scratches look mildly painful, but the torn calf muscle sounds horrible! How did you do that?

  10. Bertus, Claude,

    quite. The scratches are nothing compared to the joy I feel whenever the pain's gone for a while.
    How I did it? Well, this I'd like to know myself.
    And I am glad you did not ask where it happened. :)

  11. Goodness, Sean! I hadn't realised that tiger wrestling was one of your pastimes.