Friday, December 31, 2010

... hopefully


  1. Dear all,
    still feeling far from being fit, and thus still badly behind replying to your comments, please take above's song as a first tiny 'Thank you' for all your good wishes.
    If I have my way, I shall survive. :)

  2. Ah, Jams,
    thanks a lot. And a happy New Year to you and the yours, too.

  3. Good to hear you're surviving, Sean! Happy New Year!

  4. Good.

    So will I (for a little while - can't be as boldly confident as you :)

    Good wishes for 2011

  5. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I needed to hear that. I hope you do. I hope I will...

    Best Wishes with all my heart!

  6. D.E.,
    happy New Year to you, too, to Mrs. Doubtful, Rothko and everyone having been kind to you in the past and promising to be so in future. :)

    Dear H. inscience,
    we'll do it!! :)
    Let us be bold!
    And rewriting this: We'll do it!! :)
    Let us be bold, my friend!

    we will, my dear, we will!
    There's much to be done, lived, (re-)thought, commented, written, enjoyed etc. ..., hm? :)

  7. Oh, Sean Cheating eh?

    It can be "H" for "Hmmm" by way, sometimes. Naughty boy.

  8. is it me or is she really trying too hard to look cool?

  9. jedilost - you prompted me to actually watch the video (not having bothered first time I visited here, because of course I know the song) and it's really quite a fun version! The guys in the white suits at the back cracked me up. The blonde with the swinging hair dancing on the dias made me sigh. Memories of the seventies. Great stuff.

    Sean - Hope you are still surviving friend. Come back soon.

  10. Hmmm inscience,
    far from trying to cheat I was.
    It's just that I'd so much like to address you as Andrew.

    Ah, yes!
    May they will.
    We shall!

    I did not and do not care about what the lady is trying to look like or not.
    This video/song was chosen for its title.

    H. inscience,
    phew! It took a while to come back and catch up.
    Hiding my logorrhoea: Thank you!