Wednesday, December 01, 2010


It's December.


  1. Where the sun of wisdom is sinking deepest, even dwarfs are casting gigantic shades.

  2. Nah. Have a second guess.

  3. Oh, that would be too big a heap of transparency.

  4. Outrageous, reckless, and despicable.

  5. To attack a man for talking nonsense
    is like finding your mortal enemy
    drowning in a swamp and
    jumping in after him with a knife.

  6. Thanks the gods, it's not December yet in my country. I intend to jump right in January at midnight. Thanks for the warning, Sean.

  7. Good luck, Claude. And once you are in January tomorrow morning (T-time), please do immediately let me know, what the December was like.

    Good night, and good jump.

  8. I'm more surprised that people are surprised about the behaviour/language of diplomats/governments.

  9. No leaks from me, Sean. Will not endanger Omnium.:)

  10. Bah to leaks, chances are that I'll be up several times during the night to take leaks... bloody coffee!

  11. My leak beats Jams' leak.

    I got up for a leak, came on web, read about leaks, need another one and then you leak that I'm in December.

    You're next leak will probably reveal that we're in 2010! I can't wait to see the back of 2009.

    I feel a leak calling me away from this seat.

    May I add another leak: it's snowing and bloody cold in Edinburgh.

  12. I prefer leeks. Particularly good with potatoes in soup.

  13. Reports are coming in that an international arrest warrent has been issued for Sean. A spokesman for TimeCops Inc. commented:
    "The international community has to give a signal that these sort of irresponsible leaks are not going to be tolerated. Our negotiations with the Month administration to have December cancelled this year, to avoid the impact of Christmas on the global economy have been torpedoed. Our legal department is examining whether Jeating can be made liable for the damage to the international financial markets."

  14. Does OmniumLeaks have anything at all to do with licking licorice? In which case, we should protect children from an overdose, specially in December?

    Ah, well...As Kant once whispered (or was it Nero, when Rome was burning?) "Fiddleleasticks on it all!"

  15. I stand corrected. The Timetables of History say it was: "Fiddleleaksticks".

  16. Oh dear Sean I heard Parah Salin has ordered that you be hunted down, and your head be mounted like a trophy buck.. Tut tut!

  17. False

    'Not the glittering weapon fights the fight, but rather the hero's heart.'

  18. it is good to know. thanx for the insider.

  19. Chris,
    no surprise at all.
    Rather do the reactions to the 'leaks' prove that those who - "in the name of safety" - step by step are trying to 'create' a surveillance society, are getting furious when confronted with that they are part of society. :)
    What a bunch of of bastards, to keep the diplomatic standards.

    probably it's good not to know what's lying ahead. Thank you. :)

    had you not been talking about cider earlier that day? :)

    leaky days these are.
    May there be no leak in your home's roof, though. - And none in Seangrange's; winter has arrived after all. Still not much snow in our area, but pretty cold it is.

    so do I. Tomorrow we will have Borscht. :)

    why would I have stayed beneath the radar for three day?! Ridiculous! How could anyone accuse me of torpedoing the Christmas business when Spekulatius, Marzipankugeln and Dominosteine are already being offered in the last week of August?

    However, thanks for your warning. :)
    [And, still chuckling, off he retreats under the rocks of Seanhenge.

    what does let you come to think of liquorice? :)

    fear not for me, good friend. When 'hunted down' like Bin Laden, I am safe like in Abraham's bosom.

    life for me would be much easier did less often I ask 'Cui bono?'.
    [Ha, were it not easier to flirt with my laziness-nimbus, this might be worth a post.]

    Anyway, whenever I see Mr. Assange talking I can't imagine me having the wish to become his friend. ...
    Alone, the reactions to the latest publications (seem to) give evidence the messenger is not worse than those whose double-speak is being debunked.

    Lost Jedi,
    glad I could be of help.

    Just again, as I sent you an e-mail: Do you still have the same address?
    If not, please let me know. My address is still the same as been shown on the sidebar.

  20. Much Ado About Nothing?

    At lease your leak jogged my memory. :)

  21. yep, it is the same. and im trying to be around even if i cant find time as much as i used to.

  22. Ardent,
    rather than 'jogging your memory' I'd like to put the blogging hat upon your head.
    Hm? :)

    So you received my e-mail?

  23. the one in turkish? yes i did, but my inbox says it is from your blog, not from your mail box, so it took a while for me to figure that it is a mail but not a comment.