Friday, November 26, 2010

Friday is Skyday


  1. Oh it's nice to see a blue sky and wispy clouds. I hope you were able to sit and enjoy your favorite breakfast beverage. Everything out the window here this morning is battleship gray.

  2. Ah, Susan,
    it was but a short intermezzo on a very grey day. Do you know whose cloudy profile is to be seen on the left?
    The favourite breakfast beverage today was coffee. It tasted well, thank you.
    And yes, I were able to sit. :)

  3. Not so far away, Sean, the sky was blue this morning too - but the ground was white!

  4. The sky is not really blue. It's a spectrum of light. Einstein, in 1911, said that my retina sees blue because it responds more clearly to blue than to red, yellow and orange. And a poetic sunset is actually a pollution of small articles.

    Well, dear Einstein, my retina sees the Toronto sky gray and cloudy. I'm very glad Sean shared the short intermezzo of his German blue sky.

    May your mornings
    always be blue, musical and flavourful, Sean.:)

  5. He does have a remarkable facial appendage. Perhaps Cyrano deBergerac returning from a visit to the Empires of the Moon?

  6. In The Hague it has been dark and grey all day, with rain and wet snow. But according to my mother who lives near the German border, near Aachen, the sky has been blue there all day, with snow and frost. So it has been quite different all over the place (including northern Germany).

    Well, i suppose winter has come early this year....


  7. I'll have to get hold of a camera, so I can join in on Fridays.

  8. Ach since I have a streaming cold and it's been snowing I haven't even looked at the sky today!

    Ah but the word verification is cider... don't mind if I do!

  9. Lovely to see a blue sky. Ours was like that yesterday, but grey and heavy with snow today.

  10. Sorry for replying late. I was extremely busy with not blogging these days.

    no snow here on Friday. And Saturday night was Daddy Frost (- 9 C° in the morning) kept Lady Snow away.
    Only yesterday morning (Tuesday) there was a thin white film to be seen everywhere.

    Thank you.
    I'll do my best, though, not to get the blues when the shovelling-season begins. :)

    now that's interesting.
    In the first moments I felt reminded of Joyce, then of an oriental.
    You seem to be closer to the truth. :)

    we've been lucky so far. Probably on Thursday Mother Holle will do her bed over Seanhenge.

    this would be fun.

    you are sure the word-verification was not 'hotMilkwithHoney'?

    already read of your 'white adventures'. Up til now they left me speechless.
    A nice relaxing cap of sleep will hopefully help. :)