Tuesday, November 16, 2010


Almost three weeks ago, for the first time in 15 years sitting in a doctor's waiting room [at that time due to a tiny judo-accident - bruised ribs, shoulder, breast- and collar bone ... yes :) instead of just nicely falling, I had stupidly refused to lose  a randori)],  about an hour later to get confirmed my diagnose was right, as sometimes I do I contemplated upon this and that.

Were I willing to be lying I could now write that I reminisced about someone in 1974 I met in San Clemente, kept in touch with and after his return to his native City several times visited him. However, this sentence I wrote just to afterwards ask Francis to send me an e-mail as I did not find his e-mail address on his blog.

Anyway, contemplating I was.  

For example, about the many decisions I made in my life that with hindsight could be considered as (bloody) mistakes, without making those mistakes very probably, though, I would not have experienced, would not have been allowed to experience what I have experienced, and thus would not have become what / who I am.

Did you count the Is?
14, if I [15!] counted well.
And did I [16] ever tell that, as soon as I [17] realise that almost each sentence is containing of at least one 'I' - preferable at the beginning -  I [18] would know enough about the very person's personality (to not being overly interested about her respecively him)?

That is why I [19] do spontaneously decide ... and by now did ... to spare you further details.

Ah ... with one exception: I [20[ am tired to repeat myself.

Those who happened to stumble upon this blog two or three years ago and felt fancy to follow it - I [21] don't like the word 'followers'; but this could easily be another story that might be told ... or not - will, so to speak, know Omnium (which is everything), anyway, and thus the essential inherent interior essence which is [not] hidden in the root of the kernel of everything I [22] wrote, so far.

While coming to a decision, looking through the window, I [23] thought 'How interesting', (before I [24] had written 'How amazing' but cancelled this as I [25] don't like exaggerations / superlatives ),  fumbled for my camera and took some photos, one of them you see below and which told me:

There are more things between outside an inside, Sean, 
than are dreamt of in your philosophy.”


  1. The distinction between 'outside' and 'inside' is a stubborn illusion (though a useful one in some ways) that owes its existence to the persistent 'I' you've been counting. Your lovely photo suggests this nicely. I wish you a full and fast recovery!

  2. Let´s shake hands. I (1) saw 2 doctors and 3 nurses last week. But didn't think. And still alive.

  3. Allow me to hyperbole. This is a metagrobolizing photo. I'm not too sure what it is but (whether it's real or imaginary) it is a fantastic work of art! Je dirais même que c'est un rêve interne et externe muni d'une profonde philosophie.

    May you recover soon and fast of the crippling and painful leg problem.

    Being myself a stubborn adherent of the "I" pronoun, I would never dare counting somebody's use of it. Cheers!

  4. VLR - WOW! I'm glad you survived the ordeal. As a (know-it-all) nurse, I was never sure if the medical team helped a patient, or not. Hope you're on the road to full recovery. Best Wishes!

  5. Stan,
    your 'stubborn illusion' gave me a big smile.
    Not too many smiles, though, when thinking of what could be and ought to have done, but yes: Tonight it feels like that within one week's time I shall be able to jump around like a roe, again. Thank you for your good wishes.

    Shaking your hands firmly.
    Joke aside: Apart from the good news, i. e. that you are still alive, 2 docs and three nurses sounds a bit alarming.
    Van harte beterschap, mijn vriend!

    as (almost) every 'phenomenon' this one too, is none (to build a cult upon).
    It's simply a(n inside) lamp being reflected by the window through which I photographed the (outside) trees.

    The effect is indeed metagrobolising galore, though, isn't it.

    Thank you for your good wishes, dear Claude, but, please, don't let me get started to talk about my poor poor leg. Everyone knows, after all, that men are wimps, hm?

    As for a certain pronoun: Here with I am raising my mug: Sláinte!

  6. Indeed, men are wimps. The doctors and nurses are great. And i´m sure i can jump like a roe, like you, in 2 weeks time.
    Gute Besserung!

    Thanks for the good wishes.

    By the way, according to word verification this is avers.

  7. Gah Sean I hope you are on the rod ot recovery. I found last year's enforced rest to be a time of reflection.. for little while.. then I just watched tv and vegetated!

    As for your previous sports injury.. were you in randori with a bear? My own judo career ended with a green belt. My father is a first dan. He could cream me on the tatami right up until his 60s

  8. Hopefully you will be fully recovered soon, wishing you well :-)

  9. Bertus,
    well, now that due to my laziness in replying more than two weeks have flown by, our mutual good wishes should have done their 'job'.
    Yours did, anyway. Dankje wel.

    Ah, Jams,
    compared to your malaise mine's none.
    Thanks for your good wishes.

    As for your question, now that's embarrassing. I was 'uke' to a female student-champion who prepared for a another championship. And when - due to my stupidity - she could launch an uchi mata instead of giving in to enjoy a smooth landing - next stupidity - I refused to fall, although it was too late and thus I harvested what stupidity deserves. :)

    thank you. After only six weeks I am almost fully recovered. :)

    Lost Jedi,
    yes, a bit. Daughter and son have Dans in judo and jujutsu. :)