Monday, November 22, 2010

When the stones are swimming ...

Although not living in Stone- but in Seanhenge, it never ceases to fill this arrogant, cold-blooded, heartless, egoistic and ever so nitpicking and sarcastic agnostic's heart with joy  when ...

... seeing leaves on and around stones.
Maybe, this affection roots in another affection.
The affection for a saying the words of which
once perhaps are to be read on my grave-stone:

When the stones are swimming
the leaves will sink.


  1. I think the leaves and petals have a little while longer yet :-)

  2. THere is something beautiful yet melancholy about autumn, especially as winter beckons

  3. Poetic presentation...

    I hope, when it's time to inscribe the Russian Proverb for you (in a far, far away future) you haven't let the years erode the most interesting aspects of your fascinating personality, (as openly confessed!) ;-). And what we have seen and loved of your generosity of heart and spirit.

  4. It's quite possible that stones too are alive and conscious but they endure in very slow time. We must hope to curb our speed through these lives. Next incarnation I hope to be a tree that grows in Seanhenge.

  5. A great philosopher (Heraclitus, I think) once said that the path up and down are one and the same.

    I'm making efforts to be a bit less of all those attributes you listed. None of which I'd readily apply to youself (hmmm nitpicking? nevermind).

    Sublimity has these effects on one.

  6. CherryPie,
    ... until they sink? Very probably. :)

    a mixture of beauty and melancholy, yes. Melancholy is not the worst feeling one can have ... up to a certain level.
    And as for winter: Why not taking it for a season of anticipating the pleasures of spring? :)
    Oh, and as two days ago I declared the bird-feeding-season opened (just in time, by the way, as to day we got the first snow): What a joy to watch tit, woodpecker, finch & Co. enjoying what's being 'Chez Sean'.

    well, I openly confessed that I was called all mentioned above. People do sometimes say such things in the heat of a discussion, hm? :)
    Sometimes ... sometimes it is even easier getting confronted with such reproaches than with words of praise.
    In this very case, I confess taht rather than embarrassing me your kind words made me feel good. Merci.

    what shall I say? :)
    For decades I said from time to time that one day I should like to plant a rowan (mountain ash).
    And four years ago, shortly after we had moved here, my wish got fulfilled. One - if not the - loveliest birthday present I ever got.
    Until now, my rowan had no name. From now on I shall call her Susan. :)
    I think not only you would like to slip in, but Crow would also like to visit it in late summer and enjoy the orange berries you're offering her.
    In the meantime: I shall try to slip into the corkscrew willow, next to the rowan. Thus we might be able to enjoy interesting conversations with the stones, which from tomorrow morning on will live between both trees - waiting for our arrival. :)

    and then there was the (German) jester Till Eulenspiegel who when climbing uphills would joyously whistle, whilst when walking downhills he would get deeply depressed.
    Being asked for the reason his answer was: 'Well, climbing uphills I know that, after reaching the top there'll be an easy stroll downhill; and when strolling downhill I can't but must think of that soon the next hill will be waiting to be climbed.'

    As for the listed attributes that once - in the past millennium - sometimes were hissed in my direction by people who obviously had lost their contenance during a nice little discussion: Glad you don't apply them to me. :)

    The peace of the night, my friend.
    Glad you decided to put on your blogging-hat again.

  7. Or should I say "schön, schön,schön!" :)

  8. Knatolee,
    das hast Du schön gesagt. Perfektes Deutsch. :)