Monday, November 22, 2010

Natural Arts


  1. That's a remarkable simulacrum, Sean. Well spotted, and thanks for sharing it. Is it wearing an armoured waistcoat?

  2. Stan,
    no, it seems to know that it does not need such self-protection, as most passers-by of its host would not take notice of it.

    While taking the photographs twice I felt people behind me slackening their speed. Stepping aside so that they could satisfy their curiosity, I said 'Isn't this amazing?'.
    'Yes, yes', they murmured, went on and I could see them shaking their heads. :)

    The more glad I am that you like what you see. It multiplies the pleasure to share moments that just do make me feel good.

  3. I see a but like creature looking very satisfied with its fine jacket!

  4. A very appealing soul...Absolutely independant. But in need of a hug!

  5. CherryPie,
    it is, isn't it?

    now you mention the jacket, at last the penny dropped and I see what Stan means when asking if it is wearing an armoured waistcoat.

    Haha, Francis,
    that was one of my first thoughts, too. And it was as if I heard Yoda murmuring: "Sean, when nine hundred years old you reach, look as good you will not."

    absolutely. No hug received Yoda, but his ears caressed he got.