Saturday, November 20, 2010

Friday is Skyday

Oh well, today's sky would only have been good for dreaming ...

... to fly away. That's why I thought 
it might be nice to post a photography
taken on last year's November 19th, ...

which, of course, happened to be a Thursday.


  1. I love both those photos for different reasons.

    Then I had cause to hover over the pictures to see if they had titles. The title of the top one made me smile :-)

  2. CherryPie,
    as if hearing the plane's motor noise made me plainly think of cherry(pie), hm? :)

    On second thought, the second view is more of a pleasure for ones eyes, no?

  3. Beautiful sky photos.

    Have a wonderful weekend.

  4. C'est vendredi
    C'est merveilleux
    D'admirer cieux
    De toutes couleurs
    Sombre ou chaleur
    Noir ou en feu
    Entre les deux
    Mon coeur sourit

  5. Aaaah, those wonderful, huge North German skies! (A compensation for the lack of mountains.) There's something beautifully protestantly pure about them ...

  6. It's rather a shame we never made flying machines that look like trees. Travel would be so much more contemplative could we sit on a branch and watch the sky change around us.

  7. A welcome return for a delightful shot Sean

  8. Liz,
    glad you eyes enjoyed what they saw.
    And as I am late: May the second half of your weekend be as wonderful as my first part of it has been.

    thankfully bowing to the poetess.

    the lack of mountains does not hinder us Lowlanders to name our hills 'Mountain', such as Himmelberg (305 mtrs), Tafelberg (395 mtrs), both of them parts of the 'Seven Mountains', behind which - as everybody knows and - Mirror, mirror on the wall ... - nobody would doubt, Snow White used to spend a pleasant time with seven dwarfs.

    how cometh I could not help thinking to read the musings of a Crow? :)

    grazie, Signora Limoncello.

    isn't it amazing how the sky is changing within but one year?