Thursday, November 18, 2010

Not to speak ...

... - for a beginning (!) of all those - choose any of your favourites  -  who do deserve more than quite a bit more than a tiny swearboarding, tonight I decide(d ) to just give you a glimpse

of  where I'd like to shoot them.

PS: I do, of course, know that according to f.e.  the laws in China, Iran and the United States of America and to name but some contemporaries, Dick Cheney, Donald  Rumsfeld, Prince Erik, Ayatollah Khamenei, Ahmadinejad  et al., and even the debicile George Walker Bush would need to be sentenced to death.
Well. Yes. Putin, too. And the Bastards of Beijing. And ... and .... as said: choose your names.

However, why should Mr. King have been the last one to have a dream?

It's time to make dreams come true, would you agree?
Thus, on the risk to make one step backwards on the quest to become the politest blogger in this universe and those yet to discover:
Fuck the warmongers!

The peace of the night.


  1. Into a nebula? The remains of an exploded star? The stardust of which new stars, and worlds, and people, and dreams are made?

    Too good for them I say! Better eternal wandering and queueing in the grey halls of some infinite bureaucracy, where nothing is ever accomplished, and ever more complicated forms are to be filled out (in triplicate), and the air smells of boiled cabbage, and wet wool, and stale farts, and despair.

  2. Thank God, or (if you prefer) the gods, you're back, and in full form!

    Send the gang where you want, as long as there are huge anthills for them to be stuck in forever and ever.

    À bas les guerriers-criminels!
    From the past (including les guillotineurs de la Révolution Française et Napoléon),
    the present (all the names you mention, and anyone you might have forgotten),
    and the future (the inheritors, perpretators and butchers of all tyrannical regimes).

    We don't want them anymore on Earth. ON VEUT LA PAIX, NUIT ET JOUR!

  3. I applaud your sentiments but such language is for ruffians like me!

  4. I'd rather fuck a beautiful woman than any of the choices mentioned Sean!

    Execution is too good for them That is quick. Give them long, and very miserable lives instead.

  5. If we're firing people into outer space, can we reserve a small space for one Bartholomew Ahern? He might find a planet inhabited entirely by sentient slime molds, and he'd be right at home...

  6. All together in one cramped rocketship I say. Let's give them time to consider their behaviour or perhaps just form their miserable alliances while they decide who among them will be next for dinner. Instant death is indeed too good for such as them.

  7. While completely agreeing with your sentiments it would be terrifying if they fell back to earth as bits of cosmic debris contaminating the air, our food and water....


  9. I hope that the rocket is roomy. I think that the people f Ireland would want a good half of the Dail on board!

    I've read that Ahern would like a shot at the Irish Presidency. I think the ghost of Oliver Cromwell would have a better chane!

  10. Oh, I hope Ahearn runs - comes last, and looses his deposit

  11. Let's include the Canadian Prime Minister who had promised not to send anymore young people to die in Afghanistan after 2011. Now they will still be going till 2014, presumably to teach the Afghans ( the good ones) to kill better, and faster!!!!! For how long, for how long will we have coffins draped with the Canadian Flag coming back from an interminable war that nobody will ever win???

    Allow me to damn it all!

  12. Once upon a time the English had the idea of sending their criminals to the other side of the world.

    Nowadays there are still criminals in England. Happy ever after.

    Sending the worst human spirits into space sounds a bit the same to me.


  13. Francis,
    alas! Whereto had my responsibility for future generations vanished?
    Herewith I withdraw my wish as your proposal proves of such unbureaucratic an efficiency that spontaneously calling it kafka-esque or to name its 'Father' in the same breath with Lynch, Murphy et al. would be far from doing justice to its originator, as when bloggers in 2210 will be looking back two hundred years Lynch and Murphy will be no-names and but (if at all) a handful of experts will discuss Gregor Samsa's Trial, Judgement and Metamorphosis in the Castle, while any child will know Hunt's Law.

    merci de tout coeur.
    I have cancelled my wish, though, and from now on will support the honourable Mr. Hunt's initiative to reform the penal law for criminal politicians and businessmen.
    I shall ask him, though, to think about how to embed your interesting anthills into his penal laws.

    ah, thank you very much, and sorry for overstepping my competence.
    May Dunfermline's promotion be upon you!

    thanks galore for exposing what Mrs. Doyle would call a "bahd bahd error of reasoning".
    The second paragraph does let me reckon you would provide Ted to make Hunt's Law perfect.

    ah, I think even Francis will agree that Pádraig Parthalán Ó hEachthairn is a case sui generis. To increase Bartholomew's pain I do suggest giving him a partner. A partner speaking to him in French.
    Brian Lenihan comes to my mind.

    now, that's an alternative, the more in case Francis' nuthouse would soon run out of capacity.

    Lady Janice,
    there was indeed something rotten in the state of my logic.
    May I instead suggest that in order to increase the joy of Mr. Hunt's Nuthouse residents, all their teeth may fall out ... except of one -
    for toothache ... 59 minutes per hour?

    hilarious! Still caughing ...

    Jams, Francis,
    May I suggest to let sit those candidates around an enormous table and count the billions they had not to bail out speculants who would obviously refuse to accept what speculation is about, per se?

    Yeah! Stephen could act as 'Harper of the Nuthouse".

    agreed. Mr. Hunt's Nuthouse (Why would I come to think of Ken Campbell?) promises to become a permanent building site, as there won't be any shortage of fresh supply.

  14. Lost Jedi,
    Teşekkür ederim.
    Do you still have the same e-mail address?