Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Angel's Throwaway


  1. Ah Daturas are so beautiful... don't sniff in the pollen though... or do if you want to hallucinate!

  2. How wonderfully odd an image. I love it. And the title. There are tessellated brick footpaths just like that around where I live.

    I didn't recognise these as Datura until Jams pointed it out. Is the pollen active then? I thought it was just the seeds.

  3. Jams,
    beautiful and dangerous – a combination often to be found, hm? Almost as often as beautiful and empty-headed.
    Passing the Angel's trumpet in the evening when the 'trumpets' are opening themselves and effusing [?] a captivating scent is wonderful, though.

    ha. Now, that's a lovely com(pli)ment. Thank you.
    As for your question: I do not know whether it's the pollen and/or the seeds.
    That's, however, one of the easiest question to answer for our hallucination-expert, Jams O'Donnell Esq..

    you are surprising me.
    Ah ... you do not mean the whithered blossom, but the thought behind, hm? :)

  4. The photo just appeals to me, Sean. A withered blossom retains a special, unique charm. Like an ageing face, wrinkled by time. And that solid, beautiful stone accentuates the fragility of the dying flower.

    A charming (and moving) setting....

  5. Claude
    I knew you meant the thought behind.