Saturday, August 13, 2011

No more

Nothing about what thrice has been made topic on this blog.

Not even links.

Only this: Seven years and nine months old I was when it happened.

50 years later I do vividly remember.

What would I remember had I been entertained by Teletubbies that very day, or had I been responsible for my dear little sweet Tamagotchi?

Instead, I was listening to the radio this very day, and next day I read what had happened the day before.

I hear thanks to many experts the educational system has been improved, since.

The peace of the night.


  1. AH it was before I was born. I never thought I would live to see it being torn down. I am glad to say how wrong I was

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  3. It was a momentous occasion, I remember it well.

  4. All I wish to say is I was very glad when it came down.