Saturday, August 06, 2011

Peaceful rage

Boring? Wrong. Borage.
Still boring?
Ring ... ring ... ring ...
Still alive?

My! You are certainly


  1. Gardens like this must be intoxicating to a bee.

  2. Awesome presentation! :)

    I can identify with that...

  3. Syncopated Eyeball,
    welcome to Omnium. To see your smile 's a pleasure for my eyes.

    bees do indeed seem to appreciate the more, the less I am able to interfere. It's a great joy to watch them and hear their humming.

    it's delightful to have eyes (still) being able to see and ears to hear and listen.

    as almost always: you got it.
    That is, if I don't err. :)

  4. At my place we call it "komkommerkruid", the leaves are tastfull in salads, even the flowers are eatable, so I guess noone, not even the boring nor the snoring, will die from Borage... =)
    Btw, lovely image.

  5. DagEnDauw,
    welcome to Omnium, and dankje wel. Komkommerkruit – what lovely a word! Somehow delicious even. :)
    Thus, sorry for sending a mistress of a labyrinth on her first visit astray in the labyrinth of my thoughts.
    You are, of course, right. Borage/Borretsch/Komkommerkruit ist ein leckeres Kraut.

    1. Gosh, three years passed by and only now I'm reading your answer. I had no clue I was here before, shame on me!
      Dutch, English, French, German, you speek several languages. Which one of them is your mothertongue if I may ask? I Apologize for my curiousity

      Regards from Dauw

    2. Welcome, again, dear Dauw. Time flies, eh?
      As for your questions: My German is not too bad (mother tongue), my English improvable, my Dutch, French etc. not even rudimental.

    3. Your English is better than mine ;-)

    4. Ha ha, CherryPie. How did you find your way to this "very old hread"?
      By the way, I do doubt what you've written. :)

  6. I subscribe by email when I comment (occasionally I forget to click the box). So here I am ;-)

    I have not been taught grammar and therefore I still maintain your English is better than mine :-)

    1. Now: One day, hopefully we'll be able to discuss what you are "still maintaining". . . . Lovely to see you here, again, anyway, my dear.

  7. Referring to a comment in another thread of yours this evening...

    YES!! It would be lovely to meet and discuss, perhaps we can make that happen...

    I am sure (if we do) we wouldn't be talking about the pedantics of grammar and language ;-)