Wednesday, August 31, 2011

August ending

More in September ... hopefully.
Take care, try being kind
to others and ... yourself.
The peace of the night.


  1. Indeed the end of August and overhere we definitely seem to be in autumn now. Presently it´s raining again and it´s getting colder. Well i guess that was summer then.
    It seems it was only yesterday the chestnut tree in front of my window was flowering. But it has very big chestnuts now.

  2. Being kind to others and myself, is always something I try to do :-)

  3. What a gorgeous flower! What a marvellous ending, Sean. Indeed, we are each other's keepers. May we all live at peace, and with love, sustaining one another's steps towards the fullness of our humanity.

    A joyful September to all! I have done well having found such friends at the crepuscule of my life. Merci à tous!

  4. Bertus,
    yes, the first colours of autumn are to be detected here, too. And the other week on five consecutive nights we had more or less heavy thunderstorms, which brought lots of rain. Still, there's hope that September will get warmer, and October golden.

    And now for something completely different: When trying to visit the new refugium of 'Villa Rebublicca' I do always end up here.
    And then?!

    No doubt.
    I suppose by writing this my subconscience intended to remind of that there's still a lot to improve – rather for me than for others.

    there are hundreds of marigolds to be found in Seanhenge – here, there, almost everywhere.
    As for us: I do not think we are each other's keeper, perhaps due to the fact that I'd very probably never accept anybody to be my keeper. I am a free spirit.
    However, I do understand what you mean, and certainly both we do wish about the same.

    A joyful September to you, too, Claude. May the crepuscule of your life be long, warm, amazingly colourful and bright.
    Instead of typing a colon and a right parenthesis: Feel yourself hugged. And yes: Merci de tout coeur.

  5. Yes you are right. Since last week my provider is "migrating" from typepad to wordpress. The plan was to do so last week. It should have taken 24 to 36 hours. But it is taking about a week now.
    They say they are trying to tackle the last problems now and the Villa blog will be on line again by this night. But so they said yesterday. And most of their problems seem to be unexpected. So i'm not counting on it this night.
    In the mean time i'm very sorry (and a bit desperate) about it.


  6. Bertus,
    ah, and I thought, it was all due to my enormous talent to not understand the niceties of the Dutch language.

    Don't desperate, then, my friend. Omnium is with you. :)

  7. You're right! I should have said "Each other's helper when needed". Ten days ago, I was at the corner of Yonge and Eglinton, with my empty shopping cart. A big gust of wind, playing with the cart, nearly swept me away. I held on to a post wondering how I would cross the outside mall and reach the store. People were rushing in and out. A young man saw me, stopped and asked, "Need help? Grab my arm!" and brought me right to the door, leaving me safe inside. He said, "You could have stood there for hours!" I answered, laughing, "Yes! Thank your mother for me!"

    Returning your hug!

  8. @Sean,
    Thanks! ;)

    So you see, men are still more helpful than angels!