Thursday, November 22, 2012

My Walden II

... sort of, anyway.

And voilá, CherryPie,
a place for you
to sit and rest a while.


  1. Of course, I will.
    Shall I bring a blanket? It's getting a bit cold, these days. :)

  2. Yes I blanket is a good idea. My poor old knee that I damaged earlier this year needs keeping warm.

  3. Oh! You damaged your knee? It's lovely when the pain disappears, isn't it?
    Thus, I shall bring two blankets: one for our 'behinds' :), and one for your knees.

  4. Yes I was clumsy...

    I thought nothing more of it until I went on holiday a few weeks later and it started aching!

    Now that you mention it two blankets sound like a good idea :-)

  5. The peace of the day and the night on this place!

  6. That's a fine wish, Jams. It is a wonderful quiet and peaceful spot; especially when no one else is around. :)

  7. O temps, suspend to vol... (Le Lac, Lamartine)

  8. Two blankets
    a jug of wine
    a loaf of bread
    and chunk of cheese
    and Sean and Cherie
    each with a sore knee
    would be an interesting sight
    to see
    Tee hee

  9. Claude

    so you are wishing me additional to all my handicaps a sore knee, too.
    Now I start to understand what they are talking about when people say that, having certain friends one does not need to have enemies, anymore.