Tuesday, November 20, 2012

No need of followers

Attentive visitors might have noticed that Omnium's blogroll peu à peu has become shorter.

This is due to that I would not link (anymore) to bloggers

– whose blogs have not been available for more than one year;

– who would not link to other blogs (including Omnium).

Thanks for your attention. 

The older I get the less time I do have to be diplomatic.

And – may I say so? ... ha! of course, I may say so: I do not care about 'followers'. 

What stupid a word!

Millions followed Stalin, Hitler, Mao; millions got deceived by ... take the name of your choice ...

And I should ask for followers?

Whooaah. Too many idiots on this planet.

And I am one of them.

Still blogging.

The peace of the night.      


  1. You hardly strike me as an idiot, Sean.

  2. Sorry, I keep on doing typos and mistakes today, that's me above. Again..

  3. You are an idiot? I must trust your judgement.

    I have never carried a list of blog links on my blog and I do not auto "follow" anyone and my current blog has only been available for a few months. I do as I please on my blog, as should we all. No need to explain, I suggest.

  4. Hardly, Ashley? ha ha ha ha

    Don QuiScottie,
    I like when people don't gainsay me.

    Well, and why would I not be surprised that like almost always we would be in complete agreement? :)

    Oh, Jams,
    I am, for sure; at least in the classical sense. :)

  5. Well...some (not too many, but a few) idiots are very lovable, dear Sean. :-)

  6. I just passed a mirror, and I must write, dear Claude: You are right. Absolutely right. :)

  7. ha ha ha, Lady Lemoncello,
    I do take the first offer in the urban dictionary. :)

  8. As a follower, I personally have no objection to anyone changing anything on his/her blog, every year, every month, every day. Be it: title and presentation. I don't even mind weeks of silence. What I do mind is the total disappearance of someone I have been following for a while.

    It has happened with a few blogs. And for me it has been a bit like the loss of a friend. It could be, of course, that at my age I have lost most of my lifetime friends, and I am more attached to blogs than I should be.

    All my friends, from different places, have always find the time to say Hello to me, even if it was just at Christmas. And I can't understand blogs owners who totally disappear underground, and never wish a Happy New Year to their former followers. Specially when the exchanges were frequent and always warm and interesting.

    For me, it's a total lack of caring. It's possible, at 83, that I'm the one who will disappear underground. My son has a list of the people I love and visit. And he will write a word to all, in my name, telling them of my passing and of my gratitude for the pleasure of their company on my earthling voyage.

    God bless you all.

  9. Dear Claude,
    did I ever mention you are one of the most wonderful human beings I was allowed to 'meet' in my lifetime, so far? :)

    Once again I have to thank you.
    No, I do not have to.
    I want to thank you.
    Like you I shall prepare a list, so that 'certain' people will hopefully get informed when I have been asked to take my last dwelling six feet under. :)

    PS: Despite being agnostic I do like the thought that once you and I will be sitting on a cloud having lots of fun talking about our short time on planet Earth. :)

  10. Dear Sean,
    If you don't mind following, I intend to visit other galaxies once I leave planet Earth. I even have a map, but I will take it as it comes, from stars to stars to stars...

    Not too soon though...:)

  11. Perhaps at least some of those who have disappeared have died or gone demented Claude, without making the preparations that you have. It is a new aspect of preparation for departure for the internet age. I have not done that yet, for the time when my remains (not I) will be getting chopped up by fascinated medical students, I hope. So if I disappear for weeks and weeks you may assume that I never got round to the preparations and that the chopping has begun.

  12. Andrew, I just presume that my friends will miss me desperately, and I just wish to soothe their broken hearts.

    Whether your disappearance will have the same profound, tragic effect, one might never know.

    It could be, of course, that people will be as relieved not to hear anymore my volubile remarks as your barbed, sarcastic words.

  13. Madame:

    "...as your barbed, sarcastic words."


  14. OUI, M'SIEUR.....mostly about yourself! :)

  15. Ah well, the medical students can use cutting sarcasm on me as they slice (especially the lady ones, probably). I do hope I get accepted though. They don't want anyone too unhealthy, but they do want you to be dead, which is a challenging balance to aim for. I got my guidance notes when I signed up, so I need to stay slim and not get mashed up in a car crash. It's good to have something to live for though :)