Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Time flies

Today one month ago I was given some interesting books,
an external hard disc, some sweets,
quite a few good wishes and words of thankfulness.
I smilingly took the wishes, and the thanks,
at five minutes to midnight
raised a pint of plain
and murmured to myself:
Herewith I declare the party opened:
Happy birthday, Sean. Slàinte.
Drank the pint, went to sleep
for about three hours
haven't since opened one of the books above.
It's been an eventful new year, so far.
I shall not complain. :)
I only wish I could fly like the time.




  1. Half eleven? A box of "After Eights"? Oh... the possibilities to go wild and defy convention and propriety. Go for it Sean. Be bold.

  2. Although... Reason tells me it is always after eight. So no rules to break at all then? No fun

  3. Happy belated birthday.

    Time does fly by to fast, I can never keep up with it these days...

  4. Already a month? You don't look a day older, dear Sean. Be well, friend. :)

  5. Well, Don QuiScottie,
    except for the very moment it's always before eight, too, isn't it?

    thank you. :)

    so, who was this man I saw in the mirror, this morning? :)

    Dank je wel, Bertus.

  6. You keep mirrors in your house, Sean? :)

  7. Well, actually, the ladies of the house do. :)

  8. Last paragraph of one of Claude's poems, "She is not a vain woman..."

    She never looked in a mirror until now
    and she laughs
    for having believed once that wrinkles
    bring forth wisdom and peace
    If it's true (she asks)
    can you explain her futile tears, and why
    she keeps mirrors in her house?

    CPG 1970

  9. As I would not become a 'facebooker', and thus shall not be able to read your blog, I do ask, Claude: Are you posting your poems on your blog,?

    I hope you do, as some of those I had the privilege to read, are just wonderful. Great thoughts, great poetry. Thank you.

  10. Thanks for your praise, Sean. You're very kind.:)

    Facebook is not really a blog. And my posts (except for family photos) are not very personal. I usually borrow things from other places. But, as some of my friends are not English born, I did put (as I had done here),"The Moonlight is Speechless." It emphasizes that words are not essential for love and understanding. Very few people read it and clicked on "Like". But son Martin, who read the poem for the first time, thought it was splendid. Grandchildren are still too young for this, of course. I doubt I will put more poems on FB.

  11. ... so why not put the 'speechless moonlight' on Omnium?

    Same goes for all your other poems, Claude.
    You are very welcome.

  12. Tetrapilotomos and I would feel privileged. :)

    So let your poems flow, Mylady. :)