Friday, July 12, 2013

Friday is Skyday

[after rotating the camera a tiny bit northwards]


  1. It's so beautiful. It always sends me to my own sky. But somehow, here, I always miss those ripple effects, and the changes of colour.

  2. Your skyscapes are always so lovely it's often hard to know what to say to your seeing. I don't have poems for every occasion but this is another I once wrote in my book:

    I have a sky, I have a sky.

    Alas, no wings have I to fly.
Yet I have a sky, I have a sky.

    I have a soul, I have a soul.
Alas, nowhere I see my goal.
Yet I have a soul, I have a soul.

    ~ Sri Chinmoy

  3. Well, Claude,
    it seems I am lucky not to live in Toronto. :)

    the skyscapes not seldom do leave me speechless, myself.And never I'd have thought there'd (once>) be 78 "Friday is Skydays". :)
    And yes, my dear: "Alas, no wings have I to fly". :)

    they are, aren't they?
    Sometimes I wish your blog's comment section were not invaded
    by certain bloggers I consider ... ahem . . . :)
    You are very polite a host, anyway. :)

  4. Some of my blog comments sections I am entirely dismayed with.

    JD's analogy on the latest one of those is quite accurate ;-)

  5. Hm, as JD contributes to a blog of someone I call a psycho, I do not wish to be impolite.
    I am impolite, anyway, I suppose.

    But on my blog I don't have to hesitate calling an idiot an idiot, have I? :)

  6. Oh, CherryPie, and in case you'd like me to call a spade a spade on your blog, just let me know.
    I have no problems at all to tell certain gentlemen & ladies theyx are . . . :) ha ha ha

    I'd not be surprised, though, were you much too polite for such clear words.