Saturday, July 27, 2013


Where the astrophysicist and Miss J.
are going to say "Yes".
Afterwards Miss J. will be Mrs. W.

Update: Meanwhile she is. :)


  1. Congratulations. What a lovely moment for the family. Warm Wishes for much happiness!

    Is this a church or an official building? Great architecture....

  2. It looks a lot like Sleeping Beauty's castle.

    Many congratulations to the happy pair.

  3. That looks like a magical place in which to marry.
    Congratulations and good luck to Mr and Mrs W.

  4. Congratulations :-)

    It looks like a magical castle nestling in the trees.

  5. ALL,

    thank you!
    It was, indeed, a wonderful wedding. "A dream", so to speak. :)
    Excellent food. Very very good live-music. Wonderful friends. Fun. Dancing all night.
    And the landlady could not believe: Not one glass got broken.
    Her comment: "Can't remember we had such a lovely wedding with such nice guests before.".
    Such a lovely, joyeous, happy atmosphere, beginning with the ceremony on Mary's Castle, afterwards a little champagne reception in the castle's park, the following hours with family and most wonderful friends until six in the morning and the breakfast hours in Seanhenge from 9 til 14 h. :)
    Last night at 2 a.m. I gave the couple a lift to the airport, from where they started to Corfu, for their honeymoon.
    May they enjoy.

  6. What a charming description of an enchanting wedding and a great moment in your family life!

    Wishing the young couple an idyllic time in Corfu!