Friday, July 12, 2013

Lousy Little Lowlives

Found via Erkan (see at my Seldom borings) at Global Voices.

Recently I heard my friend Tetrapilotomos murmur, whilst proof-reading his 1669 pages short opus Pre-Assyrian Philately in a Nutshell: "Sometimes I think sharp knives could solve certain problems. The catchword is depenising." 


  1. With or without a penis, those sub-humans would still do it. They don't do it for sex. They do it to torture, terrorize, diminish, humiliate and silence the female voice. What would be needed is a heart and some brains transplants.

  2. Claude is right that these people use violence and terror to subjugate women.

    On a good note, it was touching to watch Malala Yousafzai address the UN.

  3. Claude,
    probably you have come to the wiser solution.
    De-penising would perhaps not be wise ... but more effective.

    . . . and isn't interesting that Malala in Pakistan [partly ?] is considered a product of 'western' evil?

    look above. :)