Thursday, July 11, 2013

Unexpected decoration

Like a sign in front of the wall.


  1. Gracefulness and charming elegance!

  2. and I was reminded of:

    Old-fashioned flowers! I love them all:
The morning-glories on the wall,
The pansies in their patch of shade,
The violets, stolen from a glade,

    The bleeding hearts and columbine,
Have long been garden friends of mine;
But memory every summer flocks
About a clump of hollyhocks.

    The mother loved them years ago;

    Beside the fence they used to grow,

    And though the garden changed each year

    And certain blooms would disappear
To give their places in the ground

    To something new that mother found,

    Some pretty bloom or rosebush rare--

    The hollyhocks were always there.

    It seems but yesterday to me
She led me down the yard to see
The first tall spires, with bloom aflame,

    And taught me to pronounce their name.

    And year by year I watched them grow,

    The first flowers I had come to know.

    And with the mother dear I'd yearn
To see the hollyhocks return.

    The garden of my boyhood days

    With hollyhocks was kept ablaze;
In all my recollections they

    In friendly columns nod and sway;
And when to-day their blooms I see,

    Always the mother smiles at me;

    The mind's bright chambers, life unlocks

    Each summer with the hollyhocks.

~ Edgar A. Guest

  3. Isn't it, CherryPie.

    They grow at various places in Seanhenge, Claude, mostly where you would not expect the possibility.

    Ah, Susan, many many thanks.

  4. Claude and Sean,
    I'm happy you enjoyed this as much as I have done.