Saturday, October 12, 2013

One can't repeat it . . .

. . . often enough: 

The American who was the first to discover Columbus,made a fatal discovery.

Der Amerikaner, der den Kolumbus zuerst entdeckte,

machte eine böse Entdeckung. [G 183]

Georg Christoph Lichtenberg (1742 - 1799)


  1. I remember reading somewhere that the original Americans weren't able to see the ships because there was nothing about them that was comprehensible.

    1. Now, that would explain, if not a lot, at least a bit.

  2. At the age of 24, I went to work in our Native territories hoping I could repair some of the damage we had inflicted upon them. Instead the James Bay Crees repaired some of the damage our so-called civilisation had inflicted upon my soul.

  3. I should have said "reservations". Because that's what we did. We took the fat of the land, called heroes the soldiers and colonists who killed members of the First Nations to own it and made them sign treaties that gave them small plots and baubles.

    You know all that of course. But I grew up learning other stories from the nuns who taught me. It's only at 18 that I finally read the truth. I wanted to leave my country. But where would I go? Is there anywhere, is there anyone without sin?

    The best I could do was to humble myself, learn from the people my people had victimised, and serve them well when they needed my help and knowledge.

    May the God I know have mercy on conquerors!

  4. Like I did sometimes in all the years, again I wish you'd write an autobiography, Claude.
    Thank you so much!