Wednesday, August 13, 2014


Well, irrational . . .


  1. Good one, Andrew. I bet you could too.
    I get lost after 3.141592

    1. Diving a tiny bit deeper in the matter we would find that the sequence 123456789 for the first time does appear at decimal place 523551502. :)
      Well, and certainly it does not lack of a certain importance to know that an elephant's height from foot to shoulder equals 2 x π x the diameter of the foot; that it took Hiroyuki Goto but a little more than nine hours, in 1995 to recite 42,000 decimal places of π; that the first million decimal places contain of 99959 zeros, 99758 . . . oh well, The Joy of Pi. :)
      And wasn't Einstein born on π-Day: 3/14/1[879]?

    2. But how long before you find 3141592 etc... repeated?

      No rush... You've got forever...