Tuesday, August 19, 2014

RiP, Lioness

Tik...tak and tik...tak, O how the moment flies?
Compelled, humble and obedient it flies.
- Stay, stay my life! give a respite... O God!
Without farewell, wordless and even a look it flies.
Drop by drop like the spring, it drops by moments,
Month turns to year, year turns to month and flies.
At the golden twilight the sun rises,
With the last bloody setting, sinks in well and flies.
When I lay the silvery sleep over my dream,
A black sleep arrives, a white dream flies;
My life like the curtain from alternate white and black
Has become stripped and still stripped it flies.
She who goes is me, I won't return,
Ah me, tell time that untimely it flies!
My pulse is tired, tired from counting ,
The moments of my life, ah... ah time flies!

Simin Behbahani (20 June 1924 - 19 August 2014) 

  • For more poems penned by this remarkable woman I set a link to the blog of my friend Jams who admired "The Lioness of Iran" and would have been sad to hear of her death.  


  1. Jams had a very good ear for Iranian poets (and others). I made enriching discoveries on his blog. Thanks for remembering us that it is still there.

    That poem is so true and prophetic. Time flies for us all....
    RIP Simin.