Saturday, August 09, 2014

The Snail's Dream*

A snail, who had a way, it seems,
Of dreaming very curious dreams,
Once dreamed he was – you'll never guess! –
The Lightning Limited Express!

* from The Bashful Earthquake & Other Fables and Verses
by Oliver Herford [1863-1935]; New York: Charles Scribner's Sons 1898


  1. I dreamed my house was on my back
    and as I grew it got bigger
    and then next day I passed a snail
    and thought I heard it snigger

    1. Oh... Seeing the other attributions I should add that this poem is copyright of Andrew MacLaren-Scott. Spent a whole minute of my life on it so I demand the recognition :)

    2. For someone knowing you are able to quote comme il fault, it's obvious this opus is copyright Andrew MacLaren-Scott. :)

  2. The snail he lives in his hard round house,
    In the orchard, under the tree:
    Says he, "I have but a single room;
    But it's large enough for me.

    ~ anon

  3. Ha, Susan & Andrew, thank you a lot to make me smile and snigger.

  4. Ce gentil escargot
    Avait tout un ego!
    Il tentait de courir.
    Cela me faisait rire.
    Mais j'ai beaucoup pleuré
    Quand on l'a cuisiné.
    La sauce était bien riche
    Pour l'escargot en quiche.

    Copyright: CPG (2014)