Wednesday, August 05, 2015

Gwyn Thomas interviewed

The great Wesh writer, talker and broadcaster Gwyn Thomas appeared on the Michael Parkinson show in the early 1970's. In the first part of the intervew he explains why he has his own signal at Paddington station, how he broke his toe defending pacifism, and the impact of the Welsh religious revival on the productivity of pit ponies underground.

In Part Two of the interview, Michael Parkinson asks Gwyn Thomas about the time he spent at Oxford University, growing up in the Rhondda and his experiences of working on the Brains Trust. Gwyn explains how Welsh people have a theatrical nature, why he is always being mistaken for someone else and the unfortunate consequences of learning to smoke at a very early age

In the third part of his interview on the Parkinson show, Gwyn Thomas explains Dr Bronowski's greatest challenge, why he eventually gave up teaching and his unfortunate early experience of being miscast as an actor. Later, with actress Sarah Miles they discuss fox hunting, the secret of a happy marriage and the madness of Hollywood.

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