Sunday, August 09, 2015

Steamer from Cardiff to Tenby

In the 1960's writer and broadcaster Gwyn Thomas made a series of programmes for TWW in which he visited different parts of Wales. In this programme, Gwyn joins a group a day trippers on a Steamer from Cardiff to Tenby. Today, his unique, warm and darkly humorous observations give us a fascinating insight into what life was like for people living in these Welsh communities half a century ago.

Although the original audio of this particular broadcast has not survived, the script that Gwyn Thomas wrote for the programme has. His timeless words are read here by the superb actor Glyn Houston.

Please note that the copyright of this video belongs to ITV Cymru Wales / National Library of Wales. They have very kindly given permission for it to be showed here. Please show them your appreciation and visit their YouTube channel to see more fantastic archive recordings from Wales:

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