Thursday, March 11, 2021

Beers & Books LVIII – Benjamin Ferencz

Nuremberg taught me
that creating a world of tolerance and compassion
would be a long and arduous task.
And I also learned
that if we did not devote ourselves
to developing effective world law,
the same cruel mentality
that made the Holocaust possible
might one day destroy the entire human race.

Benjamin Ferencz * 11 March 1920 


  1. The task of "creating a world of tolerance and compassion" has a long way to go, unfortunately, and frankly I doubt if it will ever be complete. In my more optimistic moments I can think that some progress has been made. Best not to dwell on my pessimistic moments.

    1. I do note, however, that the glass shown there is somewhat more full than empty.

    2. To my surprise and regret, I have to admit the longer I live the more pessimistic I get. Sisyphus struggling for "a world of tolerance and compassion".